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Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez (BR&CP for short) consists of Benjamin Fain and Robert Pierre Valero. The musical duo has released music on Heavenly Sweetness and Musique Large and now return with their debut Long Player. The title of their new full-length is “Navettes”, which loosely translates to spaceship or shuttle and is the main inspiration for the album: the soundtrack to an imaginary summer cruise on a futuristic space-craft.

If you’re into Hip-Hop with subtle Jazz notes and heavy bass lines, you’re going to like Navettes. The emphasis lies on live drums blended with Fender Rhodes and vintage synths skills. BR&CP ‘s organic recording process (including tape over dubs and a host of live instrumentation) infuses the project with an sense of analogue warmth that previous more sample-heavy work only hinted at.
Enjoy some filtered-funk-infused Disco blends with more reflective downtempo Soul. Largely instrumental, the album features guests such as Benjamin Glibert (Aquaserge) on bass, COEFF spitting rhymes & Napoleon Maddox on vocals.

The main cut for us was “Flexible Funk” and it is our pleasure to premiere this one on our Soundcloud page. Shout out to both BR&CP and Musique Large. Oh please feel free to pre-order Navettes on Bandcamp.

Sensi Sye Werk Space

We’re starting off 2016 with a 20-year-old producer out of Loon op Zand (dirty South). Sensi Sye is his name and it’s short for sensitive Simon so to speak. This friendly fella is not afraid to talk about his feelings, which result into his spacey organic sound inspired by nature. It’s all about them F E E L S and no wonder he represents the Souletiquette collective.

Simon visited the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam this month and created something special for Werk Space. He talked about some personal stuff and was intensely thrilled to take part in our monthly project. Very soon we’ll treat you to a new track which will be available for free download. Shot & edit by our partner in crime Joao Costa.

Check out Sensi Sye on Soundcloud

Sam Gellaitry Rise

So young Sam Gellaitry has blown the f*ck up over these past year and with good reason. Last summer the producer out of Stirling made this track titled “Rise/Set” which was released on Soundcloud not too long ago.

It’s a demo cut with a rather abrupt ending, but never the less Gellaitry showcases his originality in sounds. Really appreciating these strings by the way. Let it be know that Sam Gellaitry has often been imitated, but never really equaled. The Soulection affiliated producer might just be the most refreshing talent of last year.

If you haven’t yet, get acquainted with Sam’s music and check out his Soundcloud page.


In case you haven’t heard about Teklun from Baltimore, wake up you have been snoozing. This kid has been droppin’ heaters for a minute and we suggest you take a listen for yourself.

So back in 2014 he released his debut album,”Ridin’ Round”, via HW&W and that track “Wurly” had us like whoa. Today marks the release of “Ridin’ Round” 2. Trust me when when I say there are some raw beats on here no doubt. A strong personal favorite is “SUB CLIQUE”, but go ahead and browse through the entire thing for yourself please.

Follow Tek.lun on SoundCloud

Sivey White Label 17

A producer we have been speaking highly of is Sivey from the UK. I’ve gone so far as to call him the future of Funk music, but only in private conversations.

The way this Manchester-based producer combines electronic beats with 80’s Funk is stupendous really. Great sounds and one can tell this guy actually knows his classics. It was about time he did a Soulection White Label EP and number 17 is his. A few days ago Sivey also released another banger titled “Waterbed” (Slow Mo) in case you missed it.

Free downloads galore so don’t hesitate to download the torrent file and take a ride on the funky side.

Boyan Monday Morning

Meet Boyan, a 23-year-old producer from Sofia, who’s been making quite some noise lately. The Bulgarian beatmaker grew up playing the piano and singing in a choir. In 2009 he went on to obtain a degree in sound engineering and composing music. Fresh from school he started out doing Progressive House and Electro, but a few years ago Hip Hop music came into his life. It changed the way he listened to music and opened up the way for his (in Bulgaria) forward thinking R&B/Hip Hop inspired style.

His first release came out in May on Future Beats Records and featured Atlanta-based vocalist J-Rican. Since then we’ve heard a few serious instrumentals on Boyan’s Soundcloud page and when he told us he had something new coming up we were interested in premiering it.

The idea for the track “Monday Morning” came up on a sunny Monday morning, so it seems fitting to release it on (you guessed it) a Monday Morning. On his latest trip to London, Boyan recorded his sounds from his surroundings using his phone and ended up using these recordings as a soundscape at the beginning and ending of Monday Morning. Might be good to know that this one is a follow up to Boyan’s previously released “Sunday Evening“, which was presented to you by our friends over at INFINIT. Both joints are available for free download, so don’t hesitate and go snatch them up!

Werk Space Jarreau Vandal Lucky Dubz

One of Amsterdam’s hottest producers goes by the name of Jarreau Vandal. This 24-year-old producer came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam for our 10th edition of Werk Space.

With some help from drummer extraordinair Richard Spaven, the Dutch Soulection representative created the track “Rooftops“. This Werk Space instrumental is available for free download and might get some additional vocals added in the near future.

The artwork was done by a graphic designer from Rotterdam named Lucky Dubz. He started tattooing recently and told us he wanted to tattoo artwork on pig skin for this edition. It’s not often you see cover art tattooed and then photographed now do you? Big shout out, we think it turned out very dope.

Shigeto Intermission

For many years Detroit polymath Shigeto has been mastering the art of mystic electronic sounds. Here we have an artist that grows with the passing of time and every new release he keeps amazing us.

Last week his new “Intermission” EP, containing six tracks, was released on Ghostly International. We chose to stream “Pulse”, which to us is the strongest cut of the EP. It has been two years since Shigeto released his sophomore full-length “No Better Time Than Now”. After this little intermission he dropped his “2010” EP with Devonwho which is available for free download by the way.

Clear light blue vinyl is sold out already (limited to 500 copies), but you can still purchase a regular black vinyl copy in the Ghostly store.

Jarreau Vandal Werk Space Episode

One of Amsterdam’s hottest producers right now goes by the name of Jarreau Vandal. This 23-year-old producer has been blowing up the clubs all over the Netherlands and Europe as a DJ. Him having a flu did not stop him from getting busy at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam for this months episode of Werk Space. The Soulection representative got some help from from one of the dopest drummers in the UK, Richard Spaven. For those that are unknown to Spaven, he is toured with Flying Lotus, Jose James and Guru…nuff said.

Next week the track will be available online so stay put. As always this video serves as a short introduction and for more info we suggest you head over to Jarreau’s & Spaven’s social media pages.

Nick Wisdom

What more can a person ask for than a new release from Nick Wisdom? His free downloadable “Remixes, Originals & Rarities” is a great way to start your weekend and get your groove on.

Six bangin’ edits / remixes is just what the doctor ordered and yes ‘Nicky Smalls is the illest’ (producer coming out of Canada). His Potatohead People project with AstroLogical was such a great release back in March. In case you haven’t heard it, go take a listen to their Big Luxury album and while you’re at it snatch a free download of Nick Wisdoms’ Remixes, Originals & Rarities EP.

Happy weekend, enjoy the music and be nice to your ears!