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Mr Scruff We Are Coming Max Graef Remix Feel Free

Goodness gracious me, that new remix Max Graef just did for Mr Scruff is just bananas, with nuts, whipped cream and a bunch of cherries on top.

After having recruited AD Bourke, Mr Scruff now calls in the help of German wunderkind Max Graef to remix “We Are Coming” of his “Friendly Bacteria” album. Graef was born and raised in Berlin and where he’s been tearing shit up lately. He has released music on labels such as Tartelet Records and his own label Box Aus Holz. On this remix he delivers such an amazing groove with filthy, nasty bass and synths. An instant winner! And to fatten the pot we find a re-tweak of “Feel Free” on the b-side of this 12-inch releasing next month via Ninja Tune.

Both vinyl and digital files are ready for pre-orders and will go out early September. We urge all you DJ’s to pick this up and play at full blast whenever and wherever you can.

Floating Points Sparkling Controversy Eglo

Sam aka Floating Points drops a surprise 12″ entitled “Sparkling Controversy” on Eglo Records, which is a dub version of an older track “ARP 3″ of his Shadows EP. It’s been floating around (pun intended) for a while and has mostly been played by DJ’s. Great news for all you die-hard fans huh.

We were quite surprised that the producer from London decided to release this single-sided release quite shortly after having released “King Bromeliad” / “Montparnasse” last month. Never the less this gives us the perfect excuse to do a Floating Points combo write up on both the releases!

The single is available now on vinyl or digitally and can be purchased on the Eglo Records Bandcamp page.

thatmanmonkz remember glenn astro

Thatmanmonkz from Sheffield runs the Shadeleaf Music label and also produces music. For his upcoming “To Repel Ghosts” 12-inch coming out next month on Kolour LTD, Scott called in the help of Pete Simpson and one of our favorite producers at the moment. Yes Glenn Astro‘s Reminisce of the track “Remember” is on that soulful House tip and sounds like an amazing summer filled with good music. Actually that cut “Stars” on the flipside with J. Gordon sounds pretty dope too.

We deemed it necessary to stream a little sneak preview for you to enjoy. In our opinion Thatmanmonkz’ release is a must cop and will be available on Juno soon.

Wayne Snow Red Runner EP

With music as his liberator Wayne Snow can now look back at his tough past and use it to draw strength from. The Nigerian born vocalist and songwriter resides in Berlin at the moment where he recently created his debut “Red Runner” EP. This is a collaborative project between Tartelet and Comet Records.

The EP contains two original tracks plus two insane remixes. The title track is an uptempo funky jam that will make you boogie on the dancefloor, while “Under The Blue Moon” takes a more hip hop approach. At first you might some doubts about Wayne’s quirky vocals, but it doesn’t take more than a few listens to get past those. That remix by Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND…seriously?! Bomb diggity synth synthesis right thur. And man that Session Victim remix is on point too.

So now you have four reasons to pick up the 12-inch vinyl at your local record shop or at Oye Records.

glenn astro amitriptyline ep

Glenn Astro is a name that has been poppin’ up left and right lately. He was featured on Brownswood electr*c 4 and did a dope remix for K15′s “Bordeaux” very recently as well.

The Essen-based space cadet is set to release his “Amitriptyline” EP on the Space Hardware label from Bristol. Glenn Astro’s latest musical venture is a tumbling concoction of off­-grid percussion and rock­-heavy kicks suffused with nifty synth lines that are all shot­ through with a gravelly sense of soul. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the loose-­limbed rhythm structures and extempore melodies on show.

July 28th is the date to look out for and make sure you follow Glenn Astro on Soundcloud.

k15 bordeaux kaidi tatham glenn astro wotnot

Two years ago we introduced you to K15 and streamed some exclusive tracks in the process. Well he’s back with his brand new single “Bordeaux” including two tight remixes from Kaidi Tatham and Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND. As a bonus you get the track “Hall Of Memories” to complete this four track release on WotNot.

K15′s single has all the sophistication the name implies, a bubbling bass line with an earthy jazz undertone. Kaidi builds on the chord progression in his synth-laden remix with broken beat percussion, while Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND provide a fierce sounding house remix that’s perfect for the clubs.

Follow this guy on Soundcloud and get the digital version now or waith for the vinyl release that will be out soon!

ad bourke equal turns ep five fold records divvy

AD Bourke rejoins Five Fold Records for a second outerspace voyage entitled “Equal Turns”. Take a trip to the inner mind, an aurally administered distillation equal parts cosmic melodia meets gritty Detroit house. On the new EP Adam comes fresh as ever displaying subtle basslines and perfect synthwork especially on “Divvy“. That song became an instant favorite, so we thought we’d sneak you an early peak before it drops digitally next Monday. Pre-order yours on iTunes and also look out for the 12″ vinyl to be released a few weeks later.

Now we’ve known AD Bourke for a while, but for some reason we totally missed the boat on a tremendously dope track called “Dust” that was released for free over a year ago. Another recent project was a remix AD did together with London producer Royalty for Mr. Scruff‘s “Render Me” featuring Denis Jones. This also has a tight Andres remix on there and is out on 12″ via Ninja Tune.

Guess that’s two 12-inches you’ll have to look out for at your local records shop!

dj fudge hallex m simpatico omar yoruba records

I thought I’d take a little time out to introduce you to the latest single from DJ Fudge & Hallex M. Now here’s a collaboration I wasn’t expecting, but the duo recently unleashed the glorious “Simpatico” into the world featuring UK Soul legend Omar. The song is a perfect fit with Osulande’s Yoruba Records and laaawd does Omar deliver on this track! Soulful House at it’s best with various remixes from Atjazz, Hood Natives, Ezel, Mike Steva and Oscar P. I suggest you take a peek at Yoruba’s Bandcamp page and browse their discography.

henry wu

Yes sirr, South London-based (by way of Taiwan) producer Henry Wu came to our attention thanks to our buddy DJ Blue, who told us to check this guy out. The melodic house grooves sound on point so we deemed it necessary to share. Henry’s “Natural Complexion” single is out via XVI Records and available on Bandcamp, but make sure you check out his entire discography!

my love is underground jeremy paris house

A soulful house groove has always sparked enthousiasme with the Moovmnt camp. It’s rare, but occasionally we come across something so good, it can’t be denied. Well “My Love Is Underground” is a compilation that good consisting of 12 house tracks selected by Jeremy a.k.a. ‘Underground Paris’. He’s a renowned record collector/crate-digger and together with Favorite Recordings the idea was formed of rereleasing some obscure gems from the golden age of House music on a compilation. Thus “My Love Is Underground” was born! Feast your ears on this 3xLP vinyl only compilation and make sure you pick one up.