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FilosofischeStilte aka Luuk Graham was given the nickname of the Philosopher by his mom and dad. Also being the quiet type, it didn’t take him long to find the perfect artist name. Seems like Luuk used to ask a lot of questions as a kid, so we thought we’d ask some of our own.

The 21-year-old producer, from the city behind the Dunes, returns with Munch Palace Vol. 2. This second installment contains six hard hitting electronic tracks that can be quite extreme for some. The perfect balance between vibes and thumbs can be found on Sam A La Bamalot‘s remix of “Lost“. During the first minute you seem to gently ease into this soulful version, but it isn’t long until that haunting bass line catches up and smashes your eardrums to bits.

We’re pleased to exclusively premiere this track via Soundcloud and watch out for the new EP to come out this Monday. Shouts to Lowriders Recordings, who will be releasing this digitally and on vinyl as well.

[photo credit: Krijn van Noordwijk]

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Masego is a modern day one man band. He fuses the styles of Trap, Electronic and Jazz to create a unique sound. He utilizes looping to create on the fly grooves which tend to create lasting impressions on whoever’s in the crowd. He combines Djing with his live instrumentation in a way you’ve never experienced. He is the leader of the Trap House Jazz Band full of the world’s best musicians and creatives. Read through our interview, he’s an incredibly passionate and well spoken dude.

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DrewsThatDude is a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated, producer. He’s probably also one of the realest guys you’ll ever meet. I recently had the chance to catch up with him. We talked about the tweet heard round the world, his first recording related job, major influences and a hell of a lot more. Lifetime’s about to write a screenplay to this interview. Check it below:

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RASCAL is a producer from Germany whose name my not be familiar to you just yet, but he’s already making big waves. His sheer talent and knack for creating killer harmonics could make Drake cry. We were very eager to learn more about Rascal so we had a little chat.

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weird inside is Ani, a junior in high school who likes peanut butter, music and cute stuff. He manufactures a variety of goods including music and visuals. We chatted with him.

Here’s what he said:
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Kadhja Bonet (Kad-yah Bo-nay) from Los Angeles is one of our favorite recently discovered singer-songwriter figures. Her debut single “Tears For Lamont” starts off with powerful orchestration (strings, horns and some flute) and almost sounds like something out of a James Bond movie. Her angelic voice and songwriting skills are simply unreal.

In October 2014 Kadhja was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo. All of their hard work in the studio was captured and is now available for free download on the Various Assets compilation. Together with German producer rj and Mark Maxwell (aka Estii / Yale) from Australia, Kadhja made a heart-stopping song called “Latenight Munchies”.

Since we were dying to know more about Kadhja Bonet, we figured we’d ask her some questions in an effort to get to know her a little better. Please enjoy this interview and find out more about Kadhja for yourself.

Kadhja Bonet on Facebook
Kadhja Bonet on Soundcloud

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You might have noticed that all of us here at Moovmnt HQ are really excited about Robert Glasper Experiment‘s upcoming “Black Radio” album. Undoubtebly the best album of 2012 already and we haven’t even passed the first month yet. Enjoy this EPK for some interesting background info and behind the scenes recordings. And trust us you’ll be hearing more music from this amazing album soon.


A Tribute To Dilla:

Yesterday the BBC aired an incredible show called “BBC Radio 1Xtra Stories: Gone Too Soon” about the legend known as J Dilla presented by Benji B. An amazing hour full of facts about Dilla, Slum Village and much much more with guest appearances from De La Soul, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Questlove, Common, Dwele, etc. You have got to see this!! Go and check it out right NOW, right HERE..



Last month we met up with Soulquarian Bilal after his show in Amsterdam (Paradiso) and behold the result. Our camera man Joao couldn’t make it, so me and Deluge decided to shoot the video ourselves on his Canon 550D. Big thank you for editing it though and I think it came out pretty nice, because Bilal goes pretty deep.

As you might know his album “Airtight’s Revenge” (Plug Research) is coming out in a month and today his first single “Restart” drops. Bilal is giving away the track on his website at where fans can enter their email address to receive an immediate download. The Restart single includes an instrumental version and a remix by Los Angeles experimental Brainfeeder producer Deadelus. Pre-order yourself a vinyl copy of the album HERE or if you’re more into CD’s you can get a copy over at Rush Hour or Amazon. Your digital hunger can be satisfied by visiting iTunes.



After two long days at the Red Bull Music Academy, our third day here started with a lecture by legendary UK DJ & A&R Norman Jay. Norman told the participants about his 40 year history in the music industry which spans from witnessing the birth of hip-hop in New York to founding the legendary Talking Loud label. After this we had the chance to catch some more previews of tracks being made here and in the late afternoon Kode9 stopped by to talk about his music and career as an independent label owner. The evening was dedicated to perhaps the most anticipated event of this RBMA, the Brainfeeder night in Fabric with a classic lineup of Nosaj Thing, TOKiMONSTA, Gaslamp Killer, Dimlite, Daedelus, J.Rocc, Flying Lotus, Dorian Concept, Martyn and Kode9. In between all of this we found some time to talk to some participants, as well as get some music from them for y’all to enjoy.



B.BRAVO (San Francisco, USA)

What has your experience at the Red Bull Music Academy been like so far?
It’s gone by really fast. At first it seemed like time went by slowly…the first couple of days. But now it’s just going too fast. I don’t want it to end, it’s paradise!

Out of the participants in your term who has caught your attention the most?
Ad Bourke from Rome, Space Dimension Controller from Belfast. Definitely those guys.

Has anything happened so far that will influence your music (from now on)?
Yeah. I mean I was sort of on to this a little bit before, but the common thread that all the lecturers share is that they just do their own thing. They don’t try to make a specific genre, they don’t try to create a certain sound. They just do whatever the hell they feel like doing and then that’s how they get recognition and that’s how they create new, creative, inspiring things. What I take away is…do you.

What’s the most valuable thing about Red Bull Music Academy in your opinion?
Probably just having the space for everybody to co-exist and ofcourse all the participants from around the world. Also all the studio techs, who are such amazing musicians and producers. The staff is so knowledgeable. All the lectures… everybody involved is so into music and connected in some way. They’re all part of something. It’s just great to all share the same air.

B.Bravo – Bubble Showers

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ILLUM SPHERE (Manchester, UK)

What has your experience at the Red Bull Music Academy been like so far?
It’s been really amazing man. You know getting to meet a load of people around the same age who are doing similar stuff or different stuff or people around the world. Making new friends as well. There’s a lot of people that I felt… we kinda like made friends, like who I can call up whenever I go to Singapore or whatever. Likewise for them whenever anyone’s in the UK I’m hoping they’ll come to Manchester. The food’s been wicked, it’s been fucking amazing actually… I didn’t have to worry about what to eat. The studio has been really good as well. Trying new gear and different set-ups. You know like original mini Moogs, fucking 909’s, 808’s and 303’s and blablablabla. It’s been really cool getting to know people like Benji B a bit better. Eventhough I’ve known him before, but now I can properly spend some time with him. It’s just been wicked. Really really good. None of us want to leave really.

Out of the participants in your term who has caught your attention the most?
00Genesis I think, cause I knew about his stuff before. He’s just super talented for his age. Also Juan Son who is unbelievable, I don’t know if you guys have seen him play. That guy has got a big future ahead of him definitely.

Has anything happened so far that will influence your music (from now on)?
Yeah I think that just learning about certain people’s recording techniques might change the approach that I… I can take some bits. Even the things Martyn was saying after the lecture. Like you should try and do that. So it can really benefit your sound or whatever. Getting to learn what the processes are of people like Martyn. And it’s definitely going to change how I make music for the better.

What’s the most valuable thing about Red Bull Music Academy in your opinion?
Pffff….the most valuable thing about the Academy… I think it’s just the RBMA as a whole. It’s hard to pinpoint one element of it that is the most valuable thing. The academy in itself is just insanely valuable. I haven’t even made much music since I’ve been here, but I’ve been making mixes for this, mixes for that. You know going on Benji B‘s show, playing at his night, playing at Plastic People Thursday (CDR) which will be the first time I play at Plastic People. Shit like that is all happening in a space of two weeks. That’s the kind of value that it gives you. Guys like Swede:art and Hiro… it’s the first time they’ve been in London and they play at Plastic People. They don’t even have records out. That’s amazing for them. I just think the whole things has a value that’s unmatched. There’s absolutely nothing like it. Being here is essentially the most valuable thing about it.

Illum Sphere – Incoming

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