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Black Gold Logo

Sometimes life is so simple. You find a place you love, an environment you feel at ease and almost call home. That’s the place I visit at least once a week and it’s called Black Gold. Besides one of the best coffee’s in town, they offer a nice selection of vinyl records as well.

When I was asked to play some records last weekend for their Saturday Sessions, I said yes immediately. Now those that know me, know I don’t call myself a DJ, nor do I have any desire to be one. I do however have a lot of records I never get to play out. So I thought to myself what better to get some of these beauties a spin, while bringing a smile to people’s ears at the same time.

I love spreading good music that is not often played, so all in all I think we can say missions accomplished. Brought black gold only and whipped out some 45’s, I had never played before. Kept it soulful with a touch of Jazz, like I always do. Really hope you enjoy part 1 and who knows we might upload the rest in the weeks to come.

Get acquainted to Black Gold by taking a look at their Facebook page!

Max Graef Band Dog

Hi there boys and girls. We took a long time off to get back in the groove and hopefully you’re ready for some superb new music from Max Graef Band.

Having previously impressed us with a range of loose, organic House tunes, the German music producer strikes back with a scrumptious album full of live instrumentation. “DOG” is the debut album from the Max Graef Band, a five-piece featuring Max Graef on bass, Kickflip Mike on drums, Gerry Franke on guitar, Alex Seidel on synths/percussion and Ludwig Labuzinski on samples/effects & percussion.

It seems that most of the music was the product of impromptu jam sessions and it shows. Be prepared to be taken on a journey through Jazz, Funk, Disco and organic Deep House. There is no excuse not to get loose really! Out now on Money $ex Records, so go cop that LP.

Magic Johnson

Apologies for not posting this week. I was enjoying myself with a very special person in Berlin, but upon my return I heard some music I could not keep from you. When I say Tartelet, OYE Records, Box Aus Holz, WotNot and Money $ex Records, you know I’m talking about the Berliner duo Max Graef & Glenn Astro.

The two make their debut on Ninja Tune with their upcoming 12-inch “Magic Johnson“. Perhaps it can best be described as ‘when House music meets Jazz’. The A-side is the first track to be released of this double-sided 12”, while the flip features a moodier, sleeker dub titled “Tape Johnson”.

Digital treats as well as the vinyl release can now be pre-ordered in the Ninja Tune store. The Magic Johnson release date is December 5th, so make sure Santa knows what’s up.

leoni leoni

It is said that sometimes the tiniest song can have a big impact. Leoni Leoni‘s “Alone With Everybody” is one of those songs and was uploaded to her Soundcloud page yesterday. I thought it was way too wonderful not to share with you all.

Just a two minute jazzy interlude displaying an incredible amount of skills from this vocalist out of Bern, Switzerland. Not a lot can be found on the worldwide web, but for the record our interest has been sparked! Sonja Ott plays the trumpet while the lyrics are by Charles Bukowsk.

You should check out Leoni Leoni’s Soundcloud page and hear her sing in Swiss as well.

La Recette You Got Me

La Recette is a four man band out of Toulouse with a a sincere passion for Jazz music. They are involved in a resolutely modern project shaped around guitarist Oscar Emch’s musical creations.

The quartet’s sound is dynamic and lively, mixing improvisation and more written parts all together into their very own recipe. La Recette’s music is drenched in Soul it is a true pleasure to premiere their first single “You Got Me” of their forthcoming self-titled EP out October 5th on Cosmonostro. Pre-orders available on Bandcamp.

Track credits:
Oscar Emch on guitar
Etienne Manchon on keys
Philippe Burneau on bass
Théo Moutou on drums
Reno Silva Couto on additional alto saxophone

Sixtus Preiss Lololo

Sixtus Preiss is a Viennese multi-instrumentalist and a bit of a mad scientist as well perhaps. Sixtus is a well-versed tinkerer who builds home-made amplifier boards and loves the complex wiring of his rigs. He also managed to grab our attention today.

He has a double-sided 7-inch coming out on Friday titled “Lololo“. Now the original version is pretty damn tight, but the band version that’s a whole different story. On it Sixtus Preiss holds it down on keys with Peter Rom on guitar, Manu Mayr on bass and Lukas Koenig on drums. Straight butterfunkalicious!

Look for this on Affine’s Bandcamp page and be sure to pre-order that 45 right about now.

Stuart McCallum City

For his new album “City” (forthcoming on Naim Label) Stuart McCallum steps even further into the world of electronica, whilst still maintaining that magical combination of both acoustic and electronic instruments that gives his music such a distinctive sound.

The guitarist/composer from Manchester made the decision to bring in London-based drummer/producer, Richard Spaven, who he met during his time playing with Cinematic Orchestra. All tracks are co-written by Stuart McCallum and Richard Spaven apart from the title track City, which we so proudly premiere on Soundcloud today.

Spaven’s production style lies somewhere between the realms jazz and electronica and subtly bridges the gap between these two worlds using grooves that blend contemporary jazz and bass-heavy downtempo electronics. The melodies and layered harmonies from Stuart McCallum’s guitar, as well as synth pads and bass, are all driven by Spaven’s hypnotic grooves and provide the perfect foil for McCallum’s often delicate and captivating sound.

The new album features a handful of seasoned musicians including McCallum on guitars, Robin Mullarkey (ESKA, Roisin Murphy) on bass, Sean Foran (Trichotomy) on Rhodes and Richard Spaven (Flying Lotus, José James) on drums, synths and electronics. Violinist Emma Sweeney guests on one track, Trio Seven. The album also features guest vocalists on four tracks by JP Cooper (Island Records), Sharlene Hector (Basement Jaxx), Fridolijn Van Poll and Sophie Barker (Zero 7).

Stuart McCallum’s music has always thrived in that beautiful space where genres blur. With a wide range of influences from Machinedrum, Lau and Martin Simpson to Debussy, Taylor McFerrin and Burial, it’s not difficult to see how this has come about. August 28th marks City’s official release date and pre-orders are available via the Naim Label website.

Werk Space 7 Giorgio Oehlers

Once again it’s time to spoil you all with the outcome of our monthly Werk Space project recorded at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam.

25-year-old Giorgio Oehlers knew exactly what he wanted to work on and record and brought Bennie Semil (drums) and Ben Stendam (bass) to work on an amazing song titled “Sunshine & Margaritas”. The vibe was wonderful and I’m proud of Giorgio! Together with Moods he has been representing both the Darker Than Wax family and the city of Rotterdam.

The song reminds me of Robert Glasper, Hiatus Kaiyote and so much more. It’s unlike anything I’ve heard made thus far during this monthly Dutch producer series. You only need one hit of this to get fully lit! As always we pamper you with a free download, so look for the ‘FREE DOWNLOAD’ button next to share button.

Bemet The Chase After Tomorrow

Straight out of Tel Aviv, behold BEMET. The Israeli group used to consist of Hod Moshonov (keyboard, keytar, loops and vox) and Amir Bresler, but Amir left the group before the new album was recorded. Rejoicer (The Dove) and Free The Robots were just a few who accompanied Hod on his musical journey.

BEMET combines electronic music influenced by Afro, Rock, Space Jazz and Psychedelia with acoustic elements to create improvised music in real time. If you dig rhythms, melodies and harmonies with a slight sense of humor, you will love BEMET. Their first EP was released last year and in June 2015 the group released a new album titled “The Chase After Tomorrow“, which is mostly about love and embracing.

This came out via Time Grove Selections and is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Dego & Kaidi EP2

One of UK’s favorite producer duo’s, Dego & Kaidi, has returned after releasing “Adam Rock Dissed” on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label.

Rarely do we come across pioneers such as these and when they get together for their “EP2” project, you know it’s about to get serious. They bring about this soul feeling with disco swing. Broken step boogie, for dancers from across the globe, a truly jazzy thing on Eglo Records you know.

Over seven minutes of pleasure is what you will experience thanks to the opening track “Black Is Key”. The rest of Dego & Kaidi’s 12-inch EP is really nice too, so why don’t you mosey along toward the Eglo Bandcamp page and pick it up. Artwork credits go to Sassy J.