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“Breathtaking sparkles, glimmering fractions. What melodical madness causes such satisfaction?”

Part two of our monthly “Glimering Fractions” mix is a fact. February’s birthstone is ‘Amethyst, which by Ancient Greeks was believed to protect the wearer against getting drunk. Had to leave out a few songs, so that’s why it came out 10 minutes shorter than expected. Hope you all dig it and if so be so kind to share it. It’s available for download on our Soundcloud page or you can stream it via Mixcloud as well.

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1000 Fellas, But No Ladies?:

It’s been a while since we posted a Paul Pre mix, but I thought it was a good idea to share his latest “1000 Fellas” mix. He made this one to celebrate the fact he has reached 1000 followers on Mixcloud. This one has a little bit of everything and sounds kinda smooth. Lets face it…can’t go wrong with two Thundercat songs right!?! Enjoy and make sure to follow Moovmnt as well as Paul Pre on Mixcloud for that sound you like.


Moar Funk!:

After a lot of positive responses to the 1st “The Future of Funk” mix, me and Mr. Speak decided we wanted to do another one. It wasn’t very easy to keep the quality high, but we did our best on the sequal. I’m very pleased to present to you: “The Future of Funk” Pt. 2. Now Modern Funk music is still pretty niche so we’d like to contribute to the cause in our own way, since we’re not musicians ourselves. Big shout out to artists for hitting us up with music and special thanks to Tokyo Dawn Records who are releasing their “The Boogie” Vol. 2 compilation soon! Get ready for a 40 minute ride down the nasty side.

Go listen to it over at Soundcloud or grab the free download..

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Food For Soul:

Chief Beatmaker just sent over the second mix from the “Seasons” project called “Fall”. The selection was done by Boo and Chief mixed things up on this one. Nothing but dope beats including some exclusive cuts from Mr. Dibiase, Ta-ku, Sunclef, Deheb and Chief himself. We’ll be posting mixes more often so don’t hesitate to send over some. However we are very picky about our mixes. In case we do not reply to your submission please remember we have look at it or listened to it first. Grab this free download by right clicking below and enjoy.

Seasons “Fall” (mixed by Chief & selected by Boo) [left click]


A while back we decided we wanted to make a mix containing some music that we normally don’t post about that often. It’s a fine line, but this mix definitely crosses that line on several occasions. With the Dutch 5daysoff event around the corner we thought it would be suiting to name this the “5daysoff Moovmnt Mix”. Some more Dance orientated music in this mix, meant for the dancefloor rather than your iPod. Also sent this mix in for a contest, so three birds with one stone. I hope most of you like this, but I know some of you won’t. Long story short…give it a listen. If you love it great. If you hate it no problem.

Download: 5daysoff Moovmnt Mix

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Colorado’s top producer Alex B has been making noise for quite some time now. As head of Elm and Oak (which is his own label) he dropped his debut album “Moments” about five months ago, which can be bought on Moments. Next week he’ll be starting his US tour and as a preview he’s assembled this exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast.

It’s a layered, at times psychedelic, journey through hip-hop beats, dubstep brawn, and bedroom-studio skronk that nicely showcases Botwin’s talents; as it happens, he either produced or remixed half the songs here. Throw in some unreleased gems from like-minded beat producers, and this podcast is poised to get any beat freak salivating.

XLR8R Podcast 157 – Alex B

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It was two years ago that Gilles Peterson visited Cuba for the first time on a reconnaissance mission to check out the new generation of Havana-based artists. Suitably impressed, he was back within the year for a 5-day session at the legendary Egrem Studios with Roberto Fonseca and his superb band. Revelling in his role as executive producer, it was a hot, sweaty, intense session but a fruitful one nonetheless.

Brownswood Recordings released those tracks on an album entitled “Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura: New Cuba Sound”, and with GP living as much in the electronic/dance scene as in the jazz world, the decision to commission remixes of these session tracks was an easy one. Consolidating the numerous parts was by no means as straightforward, nor indeed was settling on our preferred remixers to coax the spirit of the Egrem session into the club. In the end, they settled on a squad of big-hitting producers that they trusted to do justice to the original jams: the likes of Louie Vega, MJ Cole, 4hero, Carl Cox, Rainer Trüby, Gotan Project’s Philippe Cohen Solal, Seiji, Michel Cleis and Mocky. All veterans of the Worldwide underground and all equipped with the skills and experience to flip Havana Cultura onto a another level. And of course, in order to maximise the Cuban flavour, DJ Wichy and Doble Filo got cut loose on their favourites from the album, with awesome results.

CD02 in the Havana Cultura Remixed package boasts a bonus DJ mix courtesy of Gilles himself that neatly weaves together the disparate threads that make up a typical Peterson DJ set. Be on the look out for the Havana Cultura Remixed album which will be out June 7th.

Havana Cultura Remixed Podcast with Gilles Peterson by Brownswood
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Now I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that the guys from HVW8 are sharing this Master Blazter mix full of unheard goodies from Dam-Funk, Computer Jay and J1. The bad news is that I was hoping to hear some actual Master Blazter material, but alas. Another bit of bad news for me personal is that I’m gonna miss them perform live in San Francisco at the Mezzanine July 1st. That evening I fly back to L.A. so I guess I’m shit outta luck.

Three musicians with their own distinctive styles have come together to form Master Blazter. Each individual is an integral part of the whole – each one necessary to keep funk music alive, taking it to unforeseen heights. Los Angeles’ very own DJ Kutmah is responsible for mixing it all up into one funked up mix and I’d like to thank HVW8 for steadily bringing out good music and for the goodies you guys sent us recently!


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What began as a simple afternoon get together, bringing friends together to play good records, has grown into one of the most notorious good times in LA – The Do Over. Even though we never been at The Do Over this podcast gives us a taste of what’s in store for us this summer. Thanks to Jamie Strong, Aloe Blacc, Haycock and the HVW8 fam.

Indigo Jam Unit – Be
Moodymann – Rectify
Aloe Blacc – If I
Theo Parrish – Secondary Darkness
Floating Points – Peoples Potential
Great Weekend – Lets Do It Again (Do Over)
Theo Parrish – Ugly Edit 10
Aloe Blacc vs Frou Frou
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
Steve Spacek vs Hudson Mohawke
Dam-Funk – Killdat
Starblazers – Dangerzone

DOWNLOAD HVW8 International – The Do Over Podcast Vol.17


BBE is dropping bombs again. After some crazy compilation albums like DJ Spinna‘s “The Boogie Back” and John Morales “The M&M Mixes” they’re back with some hot Ghetto Disco, Funk & African Boogie. Kon & Amir drop “Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn” on us with a bang. We thought it would be nice to give ya’ll a taste of what you can expect from this double action packed album, by sharing Kon’s Continuous Mix. The album will be out later this month and can be bought HERE.