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Gosto Video Cover

Roel ‘GOSTO‘ Vermeer is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from the city of Amsterdam. For the August edition of Werk Space he and his band visited the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam and recorded some wonderful new music. Enjoy a short recap of what went down that day and thanks to Joao Costa.

Look out for GOSTO’s new track on Soundcloud next week!


Ever since we laid our ears on miss Billie Black from the city of London, we knew she would make it big. After she claimed she doesn’t ‘Need Another Lover‘ she now returns with a whole lot of zeros and ones.

Her songwriting skills are nothing short from amazing.  Combine that with the wonderful minimalistic productions by Modyn and we have a sure win ladies and gentlemen! Billie Black’s “000100” EP is out as of today and is available digitally through iTunes. I could have sworn I saw a link to limited edition vinyl. Unfortunately I can’t find the link anymore so we will just have to wait till it resurfaces.


Jessie Ware might not be an artist you would expect to see on our little music site. When Robin Hannibal is involved musically, you know we’re all over it.

In 2013 Jessie Ware recorded this demo at the Red Bull Studios in London called “12” that did not make it onto “Tough Love”. Robin Hannibal co-wrote the song and produced it together with Salva. What Paul Salva from Frite Nite Records? On guitars we hear Joel Van Dijk and Jessie’s gentle vocals are the icing on the cake.

Indulge yourself and revel in some midnight delight. Oh and what a gift to be able to download this beauty in wave quality for free.


Besides being my most beloved way to start the day, Sex On Toast is also a nine man strong band from Melbourne, bringing you an explosive mix of eighties synth-funk and pop music. You’ll really enjoy this collection of tumultuous sexuality and party jams recorded for her pleasure. Basically this is sex on a platter, preferably served blazing hot. Visit the band’s Bandcamp page and purchase a digital copy or CD to fulfill your needs!


I must admit never having heard of British duo Blonde, but I do know they are releasing their “Foolish” EP containing (which is basically a single with 3 remixes) on the first of June. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, but a super talented producer that goes by the name of Tom Misch did a bang up job on remixing this. Tom has been on our radar for a while, but I guess now is the right time to mention how dope this young composer/songwriter/guitarist/singer/violinist actually is. More on Tom soon…I promise!



Young Jacob from Bristol aka Raleigh Ritchie teams up with Syd & Matt from The Internet on his latest “Black and Blue Point Two” EP.

It might sound a bit poppy for some of you, but we honestly enjoy the “Inside” remix a lot. Let us know if you guys are feeling it too. The EP is available as a free download by the way, so why don’t you give it a listen.


Camden Arc is M-Phazes his brand new side project, exploring new sounds and directions. I think it’s great that producers take time to focus on recreating themselves and getting back some passion again. For his debut release “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” he takes an original pop classic and blasts into the future. There’s lots of interesting new elements combined and I think Camden Arc is just getting started. By the way make sure you snatch up a free download! Get ready, cuz I think some game changers are coming our way later this year.


A new trio, that goes by the name of Tiny Hearts, has emerged. Waajeed, Dede Reynolds and Tim K met at a bar NY. Brace yourselves for their debut “Stay” EP will be out out very soon on Dirt Tech Reck. A limited quantity of 175 pieces in protective polyvinyl will be sold, so act fast.


One of my favorite newly born labels is Quieres Chicle Records, started by KCRW’S Mathieu Schreyer, based out of the always sunny California. They released a wonderful new Leon Ware record and are soon to release some new music by Bobby who is “More Than Just A Friend” to Robin Hannibal. More info about this soon, but for now just enjoy and let it soak!


Some of you might have been visiting the site this past week thinking ‘when are these guys going to post some new freakin’ music’. In all honesty we’ve been slowing down the pace considerably. A lot of new music sounds dull to us at the moment and seeing Moovmnt is a reflection of our personal music taste, we sometimes choose to remain silent rather than lower the bar. I just heard something brand brand new that caught my attention. State of Zoe is a band from Tallin Estonia that manages to fuse Jazz, Pop and Soul in such an organic way…I love it! Singer Anneliis Kits has a voice my ears can really appreciate. It’s our pleasure to introduce you all to State of Zoe. Oh and for just 2 euro’s I think you all should get their “Mind” (Part I) EP by the way.

State of Zoe – Two Ways We Fall

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State of Zoe – Can’t Reach You

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