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marc rapson dark vs light

Marc Rapson is a man of many dimensions. This talented jazz pianist with a passion for raw hip hop beats spent the last decade quietly building a following amongst those in the know. This new album is for those people.

On “Dark vs Light” Marc blends lucious hip hop beats with a touch of jazz. Vocally he gets a little help from Liz Elensky (on “Love Is All”) and Replife (on “The Rah Rah”). This is exactly the kind of wonderful music we were expecting from a mind that grew up on Ahmad Jamal and A Tribe Called Quest.

Below you’ll find streams of “From Shadows” and “The Kalimba”, but we suggest you listen to the entire Marc Rapson album on the Expansions Collective Bandcamp page and act accordingly!

astronote astroblacked

We told you that new Astronote album was gonna bang! Feast your ears on the brand new “Astroblacked” album wich has “One” on it (which we premiered exclusively last week) as a bonus track.

So many dope tunes to choose from, but since where Illa J fans we had to go for “Crunch Time”. And when it comes to bangin’ instrumentals “FTJFY” is a facemelter fa sho! Amazing fusion of hip hop, reggae, funk and electronic beats with more guest features from Blu, Stacy Epps, Nick Walker, Rasheeda Ali and Mansool.

Don’t be shy…go ahead and drop those nine bucks, cuz I can name 21 good reasons to purchase Astronote’s album!

k15 bordeaux kaidi tatham glenn astro wotnot

Two years ago we introduced you to K15 and streamed some exclusive tracks in the process. Well he’s back with his brand new single “Bordeaux” including two tight remixes from Kaidi Tatham and Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND. As a bonus you get the track “Hall Of Memories” to complete this four track release on WotNot.

K15′s single has all the sophistication the name implies, a bubbling bass line with an earthy jazz undertone. Kaidi builds on the chord progression in his synth-laden remix with broken beat percussion, while Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND provide a fierce sounding house remix that’s perfect for the clubs.

Follow this guy on Soundcloud and get the digital version now or waith for the vinyl release that will be out soon!

evil needle & sivey

Evil Needle & Sivey met in an online beat community many years ago and decided to work on an EP together. It took the guys a while, but after years of communication back and forth, the duo finally managed to complete their “Constructive Interference” EP. Though Evil Needle & Sivey never met in real life there is a certain synergy and the outcome is truly wonderul. Two sounds complimenting eachother so nicely…great job fellas!

I’d describe the EP as soulful electronic beats with a dash of broken beats and a twist of garage influences. Any attempt at discribing the sound seems futile, since it’s mostly genre-defying. Just take a good listen for yourself and purchase from the Soulection Bandcamp page if satisfaction is met!

astronote one artwork moovmnt exclusive premiere

French producer Astronote made his debut early 2000 in the French underground hip-hop scene. He’s a member of producers band, based in Orléans, The Forty Fivers and has worked with artists such as Mayer Hawthorne, Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Rapper Big Pooh and Bahamadia.

We’ve shared quite some Astronote tunes with you in the past five years. Remember “Weapon Of The Future” from 2011 for instance? Today is a special day though, because we’re lucky to be able to exclusively premiere the bonus track “One” of Astro’s upcoming “Astroblacked” album, which is scheduled to release at the end of the month.

On this new solo project Hip Hop, Soul and Electronica are fused with together to form a more futuristic sound. Astronote invites vocalists like Blu, Illa J (Yancey Boys), Rasheeda Ali, Nick Walker, Mansool and Stacy Epps to help guide you through an aural voyage through space.

Tufo Egoistic Coma EP Five Easy Pieces

TUFO grew up on Jay Dee and Hayao Miyazaki. This duo from Italy is originally from Naples and are releasing their sophomore “Egoistic Coma” EP on Five Easy Pieces June 23. It was made with anime snippets, friends’ vocal samples & analogue equipment over a period of two months. The EP is a collection of their weird, melodically-driven instrumentals and will be available on limited edition cassette (30 copies) to accompany the digital release. Enjoy this interview and guest mix on Sonic Router and tune into Lefto’s show this Sunday for a 20 minute live mix from TUFO! DJ’s such as Gilles Peterson, Kutmah & Lefto have already showed love, so don’t hesitate to show some too.

MisterMack Let You Be

MisterMack is a 20 year old producer who’s a full time student at the University of Maryland, College Park studying Spanish and Jazz Piano performance. Mack grew up listening to a lot of Soul, Neo-Soul and R&B music, but recently developed a love of Jazz and Electronic music and is focusing on productions in those genres.

Now MisterMack’s latest Jazz Fusion track entitled “Let You Be” is something I had to go and purchase. Go ahead, don’t be cheap and support this little instrumental slice of heaven for just $1!! Most of ya’ll know that I’m a big Jazz fan and listen to a lot of 70′s Fusion. Now I could rant on about how music sounded so much better than, but truthfully I don’t even care right now. Just happy to hear a new generation of future musicians is staying true to the past.

Chris is currently working on singer-songwriter music and Jazz compositions which I’m really looking forward to. He also plans to attend graduate school for law or business to get an understanding of the executive side of the music industry.

Jarreau Vandal Paradise Remix

Young buck Jarreau Vandal from Amsterdam has been making some serious WAVE(file)S this year. Together with Vincent Paolo & Blaxton he’s been succesfully throwing Wavefiles parties at Club Up for two years. Last December four of his tracks were released on the Soulection White Label 003. Before he blows way out of proportion lets talk a bit about his latest remix of Alina Baraz’s “Paradise” featuring label buddy Esta. Man do the percussion and synths flow fluently like water…très bien.

I tip my hat to Ell and join the long list of fans to come. Thanks for the free download available right here.