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the internet feel good syd the kyd matt martians ofwgkta

After having heard “Dont’cha” we were impressed. So impressed no other music was posted for almost two weeks. Finally we can tell you The Internet‘s “Feel Good” will be out worldwide as of tomorrow on Odd Future Records. We wanted to supply you with some early streams of this project to make sure you pick this one up. If only more music was on this kind of level, but sadly it’s not so I guess we have to savor the flavor.

the internet dont'cha ofwgkta

Out of all the new bands I’ve heard come and go over the past years, I believe The Internet is one of the most consistent. Syd The Kyd & Matt Martians together form the dynamic Soul phenomenon The Internet, who’s second full-length album “Feel Good” will be out on Odd Future Records on September 24th. Finally some music that makes me hella happy and puts a big smile on my grumpy face! Peep the new single “Dont’cha” and “Partners In Crime Part Two” and put those muscles used for smiling and rump to work. The Internet might just be the best thing since….well the Internet.

moovmnt guest mix 08 ennio styles

We have music friends from all over the world and for our “Moovmnt Guest Mix 08″ we asked mister Ennio Styles from Melbourne to bless us with some good music. Ennio has an amazing radio show called Stylin’ on 3RRR-FM and his taste in music is simply awesome. Many thanks Mr. Stylin’ for the ill guest mix and much love to Duktus for coming through with some proper artwork!

faraji heritage experiment hussein ibn faraji

You might remember Faraji Heritage Experiment‘s “A/R/T” project from last year. Well he has just set out this new freebie Funk jam entitled “Callin’” and we thought some of you might appreciate this one.

tiny hearts stay ep

A new trio, that goes by the name of Tiny Hearts, has emerged. Waajeed, Dede Reynolds and Tim K met at a bar NY. Brace yourselves for their debut “Stay” EP will be out out very soon on Dirt Tech Reck. A limited quantity of 175 pieces in protective polyvinyl will be sold, so act fast.

IAMNOBODI Elevated Maputo Dance Soulection

It’s almost time for IAMNOBODI to unveil his “Elevated” album that we have all been dying to hear. Excited to hear some newness in the shape of “Maputo Dance”, which is available for you and yours via Soulection. Just ‘name your price’ and you’re good to go.


ladi6 automatic

New Zealand’s leading lady of future soul music is back with another album entitled “Automatic”. When we heard that Ladi6 was going to be working with Waajeed on this project, we knew it was gonna sound tight. Check out the album on Bandcamp if you wanna know what D & NZ sound like together.

the foreign exchange call it home pity phonte nicolay

Last week I came across the new single taken from The Foreign Exchange‘s upcoming fourth album “Love In Flying Colors“. I was digging the non-album b-side “Pity” and thought I’d share this one (even if I’m on the late side). The album drops later this month and the single is available on iTunes.