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philippe edison so real jazz musician

What can I say about one of Houston’s best kept secrets? I heard about JayLotus in the past, but it wasn’t until today that I realized he and Philippe Edison are the same. The multi-talented Modern Jazz musician gets down on alto sax, tenor sax and piano as well. One of my favorite Edison creations  is the Glasper-esque “So Real”, but rest assure there is way more of his incredible music to discover. Visit his Bandcamp and Soundcloud page for more info!

may soul flofilz remix

On my early morning music stroll today, I came across a beautiful young lady that goes by the name of May. I think she’s from Germany originally, but moved to Belgium not too long ago. Couldn’t find a lot of info on miss May, but I do know that I really like FloFilz‘s remix for her song entitled “Soul”. Her debut EP is scheduled for May, so stay tuned!

coast vega these moments iamnobodi reconnected ep free download

It seems like Coast Vega is from all over the place, but we definitely hear some Cali & ATL influences on his latest, “These Moments”, produced by German wunder-producer IAMNOBODI. This jam is by far the best and slightly reminiscent of that ol’ Andre 3000 vibe. Make sure you grab a free download and also take a listen to the rest of his recently released “Reconnected” EP, which contains productions by Sango, Rocboy, UpNorth and Bhontro.

henry wu

Yes sirr, South London-based (by way of Taiwan) producer Henry Wu came to our attention thanks to our buddy DJ Blue, who told us to check this guy out. The melodic house grooves sound on point so we deemed it necessary to share. Henry’s “Natural Complexion” single is out via XVI Records and available on Bandcamp, but make sure you check out his entire discography!

matthew kirkis

Meet Matthew Kirkis from Melbourne. A multi-talented bassist/producer/writer/painter and mastermind behind the group Kirkis, who’s explosive medley of colour and sound feels like a funky space ballet. This shit is straight bananas…with chocolate pudding on top! Make sure you get into the zone and download “Purplefruit For Xray Vision” for free and keep your ears out for their upcoming “Liverbleech” album that’s set to be released on Eglo Records later this year.

gwen bunn the verdict turn the lights out

Man did we miss the boat on this Gwen Bunn joint, “Turn The Lights Out”! Luckily for us (and you) our buddy Front2blaq tipped us on this female singer-songwriter/producer from Decatur, who was an alumni of Berklee College of Music. Five years ago this young lady asked herself who she was and what her purpose was. She asked herself those questions and answered through song. The result…“The Verdict”.

camden arc i dont wanna fall in love m-phazes

Camden Arc is M-Phazes his brand new side project, exploring new sounds and directions. I think it’s great that producers take time to focus on recreating themselves and getting back some passion again. For his debut release “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” he takes an original pop classic and blasts into the future. There’s lots of interesting new elements combined and I think Camden Arc is just getting started. By the way make sure you snatch up a free download! Get ready, cuz I think some game changers are coming our way later this year.

ruth koleva turn this around eric lau remix seravince

Last month Ruth Koleva released her “R U T H” album produced by Seravince. Heard a few tracks of that one, but it never found it’s way to my inbox. No worries though, because what did make it to my HD is Eric Lau‘s remix of “Turn This Around” which is available as a free download on Ruth’s Soundcloud page. Enjoy this one!