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taylor mcferrin early riser brainfeeder

Never have we seen Taylor McFerrin shine so bright! It’s truly his year, because it’s official now. No Decisions left to be made, we’re Already There. The Early Riser album is going to be The Antidote for any miserable day. For his 3rd single Taylor calls in the help of Robert Glasper and Thundercat to ensure another sure shot.

Nick Price Cabin Built For Two Cover Art

The Canadian crooner is back! After having released the very impressive debut song “Naked Souls” last month, Nick Price returns with his second single entitled “Cabin Built For Two“.

With a little help from Max Bryk (1/3 of the band Moonchild) on the keys, Nick shows us he’s a hopeless romantic and far from a one hit wonder. This summer his EP will be released as a free download, but for now go swoop up this single for free!

Recently I was chilling with Nick and Seravince in Vincent’s studio and a collaboration is well on it’s way. Stay tuned for that!

electric wire hustle bottom line flako remix if these are the last days love can prevail eliphino

It took the guys from New Zealand quite some time, but finally we can look forward to some new music from Electric Wire Hustle in the form of a brand new album entitled Love Can Prevail. Their return is a long awaited one! This project will be released through Somethinksound and Okayplayer September 8th. Luckily the band is providing us with a preview of what the future holds.. The If These Are The Last Days EP comes with two album cuts plus remixes from fLako and Eliphino. Red Bull Music Academy has just premiered fLako’s remix of “Bottom Line“, so kick back and savor it.

illa j potatohead people astrological nick wisdom never left bastard jazz

Production duo Potatohead People (consisting of AstroLogical and Nick Wisdom) are working on their debut album.

It’s coming out on Bastard Jazz somewhere in September and while listening to this new track, I’m getting curious about that album. They’ve been collaborating with Illa J for a while now and decided to drop the track “Never Left” (yes yes it’s a freebie) for the House Shoes ‘Jay Dee sample flip contest’. Illa J comes more than correct on this one, so can you say B A N G E R !?!??

soulection 100k compilation

I don’t want to come across like an old fart, but it seems like yesterday that Soulection was but a mere dream. I remember talking to Joe frequently and the initial idea was to start a blog. When the radio show took off, so did the label.

Three years and a massive following later, we congratulate Soulection on reaching 100K followers on Soundcloud. To celebrate this fact a free compilation album was put together. Containing a sh*tload of unreleased music from Evil Needle, IAMNOBODI, Atu, Khadisma and many many more.

Yada yada yada, no need to keep boring you with the details. Just get your download on!

afta-1 underfined tiden flyer aftathoughts

Sir AFTA-1 (pronounced love or ▲❍▼❏) has finally returned.

After a well deserved hiatus, Manuel drops U N D E F I N E D on us and what a nice surprise that makes. Get ready to enjoy a blend of previously unreleased instrumental tracks combined with a few vintage favorites. Jams like “Lil Bit of Ice” are best served chilled, while others might prefer them crushed.

Now AFTA-1 is a fair person. You can either pay $5 for a live AFTA-1 SP mix or grab a free download of the high quality lossless audio files. It’s up to you!

jose james u r the 1 while you were sleeping blue note

You might have noticed that José James is getting ready to release his new album While You Were Sleeping June 10 on Blue Note Records. The first single “EveryLittleThing” made us worry a bit, but thankfully the second single “U r the 1” sounds quite soulful. Really like the minimalistic vibe that puts the accent on the drums (give the drummer sum). Pre-order on iTunes if you like.

mark de clive-lowe hollow nia andrews church

Just now Mark de Clive-Lowe announced the coming of his “Church” album on Bandcamp. In two weeks the release will be out, but in the meanwhile we thought you guys could use a lil preview. Feast your ears on the song “Hollow” featuring miss Nia Andrews and pre-order yourself some t-shirts, CD’s or digital goodies!