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diversa do you

Don’t believe everything you read, but Diversa is actually a 91 year old tortoise from the Sea of Tranquility. Don’t you just hate it when underground decides to stay underground by digging themselves in as deep as humanly possible? Or when a major label makes it look like an artist is independent, forcing an imagine onto producers? Well we don’t…we care about the freakin’ music. His latest “Do You” is on that sexy downtempo groove. We suggest you start following young Diversa before he blows the f*ck out of proportion or drowns in muddy water.

sex on toast pop funk melbourne

Besides being my most beloved way to start the day, Sex On Toast is also a nine man strong band from Melbourne, bringing you an explosive mix of eighties synth-funk and pop music. You’ll really enjoy this collection of tumultuous sexuality and party jams recorded for her pleasure. Basically this is sex on a platter, preferably served blazing hot. Visit the band’s Bandcamp page and purchase a digital copy or CD to fulfill your needs!

evil needle sivey constructive interference soulection free download

Last month I wrote a little something about Sivey (made in Manchester) on Okayfuture, telling the world about a collaboration with Evil Needle (made in France). Well the wait is almost over, because in a few weeks they release their official “Constructive Interference” EP on Soulection. Although the two never met in real life, they worked together on this project for three years. Sivey brings that distinctive UK flava to the table, while Evil Needle adds that warm glow to the downtempo parts. Today the duo shares with you the single, “Constructive Interference” which they are giving away as a free download.

taylor mcferrin early riser brainfeeder

Young Taylor McFerrin has been amazing us with beautiful music lately. The three singles leading up to his full-length “Early Riser” album have been nothing but astonishing. With an all-star lineup including Nai Palm, Emily King, Robert Glasper, Thundercat, Ryat and father Bobby McFerrin this was bound to be superb. Luckily the rest of this masterpiece is just as good as what our ears have been fed till now.

We picked our two favorite songs (“Florasia” and “Stepps”) of Taylor McFerrin’s Early Riser to give you an idea how incredible this really is. I’m definitely purchasing this on vinyl and I suggest you too pick up one of the best releases of 2014. The album is available via the Ninjatune shop or at your local record store.

georgia anne muldrow kriswontwo personal ms one

Miss Georgia Anne Muldrow is about to release her first five track Rap EP entitled Ms One. Take a listen to the first single “Personal” of the project which is produced entirely by Danish producer Kriswontwo. Look for this release to drop June 24th on SomeOthaShip Connect.

pacific shore beyond the mist sarah linhares cosmonostro

Pacific Shore is about to put out their first full-length album ‘Beyond The Mist‘ on Cosmonostro. On this project the French producer duo (Stanley Bloom & Mike Ro Wave) delivers twelve soulful songs to get you through this summer. MissĀ Sarah Linhares lends a helping hand with the vocals on most of the album, while Moka Only drops some serious rhymes.

The track “Street Confusion” immediatly won our hearts upon first listen with Sarah providing lovely Badu-esque vocals on a production that’s sticky and sweaty like a humid summer night. We’re very to happy to premiere this on our Soundcloud page exclusively, so make sure you like, repost, share and pre-order the full release that drops officially June 16th!

blonde foolish ryan ashley tom misch remix

I must admit never having heard of British duo Blonde, but I do know they are releasing their “Foolish” EP containing (which is basically a single with 3 remixes) on the first of June. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, but a super talented producer that goes by the name of Tom Misch did a bang up job on remixing this. Tom has been on our radar for a while, but I guess now is the right time to mention how dope this young composer/songwriter/guitarist/singer/violinist actually is. More on Tom soon…I promise!


melo-zed london beats

Today I stumbled upon Zachary aka Melo-Zed from London who’s been playing guitar since the tender age of 6. It started with classical guitar, but once he discovered guitar legends like George Benson and Joe Pass he soon switched to playing Jazz. A few years ago Zach got into making beats thanks to influences like J Dilla, FlyLo and AFTA-1. The track “When In Rome” is a great example of young Zachery’s skills and another favorite of mine is “About [her]“. Zach composed a track for a poet called Kojoey Radical which will be released on the Dear Daisy EP in June. In addition to that he will be putting out his acoustic Jazz EP this summer.