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Back in 2005, Kindred Spirits put out an album that to this day remains in rotation for me: Kid Sublime’s “Basement Soul”, easily one of the best albums to ever come out of the Netherlands. If you’re not familiar with Kid Sublime, this Amsterdam based DJ & producer was one of the founding members of Rednose Distrikt. As a DJ he won several titles and toured the world backing up Zuco103. But he really turned heads with his debut album “Basement Soul”. The album is great mix of soulful tunes and head nodding hiphop, with each track featuring an artist that perfectly fits the production. The track I thought I’d share today is the one track that stands out for me, “Something About Your Love” featuring Nicky Guiland of HEAVy. If you like the sounds you can still cop the album over here.

Kid Sublime – Something About Your Love (featuring Nicky Guiland)