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Jael Werk Space

Last month brotha Jaël, from the the northlands of Friesland, came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to werk on some warm sounds for another edition of Werk Space. The Moluccan producer reps our Darker Than Wax fam and is one of the most prized artists on their roster.

His cuzzo J’Chanel stopped by to play some additional guitar and soak up the vibes. Trust me when I say the final result is nothing short from tremendous. Later this month we expect to drop the Soul-laden cut as a free download on Soundcloud, so stay tuned!

Thanks once again Joao MB Costa for being our trusted side-kick on this adventure!

BJ the Chicago Kid In My Mind

Been meaning to check out BJ the Chicago Kid‘s new “In My Mind” album. Like most music nowadays it never made it out of my inbox though due to a lack of time and interest.

Luckily the homey Blue told me about this one amazing track titled “Turnin’ Me Up” on the new album released on Motown. He was sure I was gonna love it and guess what this indeed is the the tune. It doesn’t happen often I get something handed to me on a silver platter. So when it does I need to give credit where credit is due.

The rest of BJ the Chicago Kid’s album is what you would expect from a modern-day R&B release. Features from Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and Big K.R.I.T. Very major controlled by a major. All but for the very last cut of the album. That one is straight butta and sounds more like a modern day D’Angelo track.


Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez (BR&CP for short) consists of Benjamin Fain and Robert Pierre Valero. The musical duo has released music on Heavenly Sweetness and Musique Large and now return with their debut Long Player. The title of their new full-length is “Navettes”, which loosely translates to spaceship or shuttle and is the main inspiration for the album: the soundtrack to an imaginary summer cruise on a futuristic space-craft.

If you’re into Hip-Hop with subtle Jazz notes and heavy bass lines, you’re going to like Navettes. The emphasis lies on live drums blended with Fender Rhodes and vintage synths skills. BR&CP ‘s organic recording process (including tape over dubs and a host of live instrumentation) infuses the project with an sense of analogue warmth that previous more sample-heavy work only hinted at.
Enjoy some filtered-funk-infused Disco blends with more reflective downtempo Soul. Largely instrumental, the album features guests such as Benjamin Glibert (Aquaserge) on bass, COEFF spitting rhymes & Napoleon Maddox on vocals.

The main cut for us was “Flexible Funk” and it is our pleasure to premiere this one on our Soundcloud page. Shout out to both BR&CP and Musique Large. Oh please feel free to pre-order Navettes on Bandcamp.

Black Gold Logo

Sometimes life is so simple. You find a place you love, an environment you feel at ease and almost call home. That’s the place I visit at least once a week and it’s called Black Gold. Besides one of the best coffee’s in town, they offer a nice selection of vinyl records as well.

When I was asked to play some records last weekend for their Saturday Sessions, I said yes immediately. Now those that know me, know I don’t call myself a DJ, nor do I have any desire to be one. I do however have a lot of records I never get to play out. So I thought to myself what better to get some of these beauties a spin, while bringing a smile to people’s ears at the same time.

I love spreading good music that is not often played, so all in all I think we can say missions accomplished. Brought black gold only and whipped out some 45’s, I had never played before. Kept it soulful with a touch of Jazz, like I always do. Really hope you enjoy part 1 and who knows we might upload the rest in the weeks to come.

Get acquainted to Black Gold by taking a look at their Facebook page!

We Are King

In a far far away fairytale wonderland there once lived three queens named Amber, Anita and Paris. They were better known as KING, a super trio that filled the world with joyful sounds of bliss. Their rich vocal harmonies and warm synth textures are as comfortable as a big warm fluffy pillow on a cold winters night.

Their “The Story” EP came out 5 years ago, but after half a decade of waiting it can now finally put a big smile on our and your faces. We happily present to you their long-awaited debut album titled “We Are King“. Everything on here has been self-produced and the album is also self-released. With songs like “Red Eye”, these ladies from Los Angeles are definitely right back in our top 5 list of favorite artists to listen to.

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Sensi Sye Werk Space

We’re starting off 2016 with a 20-year-old producer out of Loon op Zand (dirty South). Sensi Sye is his name and it’s short for sensitive Simon so to speak. This friendly fella is not afraid to talk about his feelings, which result into his spacey organic sound inspired by nature. It’s all about them F E E L S and no wonder he represents the Souletiquette collective.

Simon visited the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam this month and created something special for Werk Space. He talked about some personal stuff and was intensely thrilled to take part in our monthly project. Very soon we’ll treat you to a new track which will be available for free download. Shot & edit by our partner in crime Joao Costa.

Check out Sensi Sye on Soundcloud

Anderson Paak

Some time ago Breezy Lovejoy made the transition to Anderson Paak. It seems like only yesterday (2012) that we were listening to “O.B.E.” vol. 1 and this Summer, he was the most talked about rapper on Dr Dre’s “Compton” album.

Really happy to see talented people like Anderson Paak ‘make it’. Even happier to finally wrap our ears around his latest album titled “Malibu“, which is available via Steel Wool Records. With BJ the Chicago Kid featuring on “The Waters”, you know this was gonna be LiT like Christmas. On productional duties we have heavyweights such as Hi-Tek and Pomo. Of course .Paak gets some additional vocal support from The Game, Schoolboy Q and Talib Kweli.

Like we said .Paak doing it big and still making that dope music! You can purchase the new album on iTunes if you haven’t done so already.

Discover Anderson Paak on Soundcloud

Kirkis Cold Crush

Many consider Kirkis to be a mad genius when it comes to music. Some might go as far as to call him a madman. We don’t know him that well, but I guess we’ll stick to musical genius.

Fresh Selects tried to sign Kirkis early 2010, but he had already promised a record to another label. Instead he attempted to remix a track for Mndsgn, which ended up as a completely new track titled “Cold Crush“. To bring it full circle Mndsgn decided to remix Kirkis’ attempt to a remix (ya’ll still following?).

A few years ago we came across this multi-talented Melbourne musician and with his unique brand of lo-fi, maniacal proto-punk, jazz-funk fusion he managed to grab our attention. When Fresh Selects hit us up about premiering “Cold Crush” it was a no brainer!

And so the 7″ single drops January 21st and can be pre-ordered on the Fresh Selects Bandcamp page. A cold crush indeed, served in two very different styles; with the post-it legend himself, Gangster Doodles, immortalizing both artists for either sides of the sleeve, for Fresh Selects’ first ever 7″ release. Good looking out Kenny and we can’t wait for the next vinyl release!

Discover Kirkis on Soundcloud
Discover Fresh Selects on Soundcloud

Tru Funksta Henning

As we ease into 2016 we slip & slide with a steady Funk glide. In December Henning from Arnhem visited the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam and worked on a massive Funk track titled “Tru Funksta“. With some help from guitar player Raphael Devante the two got it crackin’ and stackin’ if you will.

Word is that later this year there might be a vocal version, but for now you guys will have to settle for this instrumental version. No worries it’s free! Great mastering by Statinski Mastering I might add.

Again Lucky Dubz came through with some serious artwork, so make sure you check more of his work by clicking the link at the top. Also huge thank you Joao Costa for being a tru funksta and shooting & editing all episodes! Have a drink (or two) on us.

Sam Gellaitry Rise

So young Sam Gellaitry has blown the f*ck up over these past year and with good reason. Last summer the producer out of Stirling made this track titled “Rise/Set” which was released on Soundcloud not too long ago.

It’s a demo cut with a rather abrupt ending, but never the less Gellaitry showcases his originality in sounds. Really appreciating these strings by the way. Let it be know that Sam Gellaitry has often been imitated, but never really equaled. The Soulection affiliated producer might just be the most refreshing talent of last year.

If you haven’t yet, get acquainted with Sam’s music and check out his Soundcloud page.