About Moovmnt


We would like to welcome you to the movement called MOOVMNT. MOOVMNT consists of a small group of like-minded music enthusiasts by the names of Nilez, Nevill and Dennis. Collectively we’ve been poluting your ears for quite a while with the best in contemporary Soul music, Hip Hop, Electronica, Beats, Funk, House and many other styles. Rather than being bound to genres, we believe in an universal appreciation of good honest music from all over the globe. A frequent visitor/producer once described us as ‘The Heart & Soul of modern-day music that matters’. Aside from this being an honor and compliment, we’d like to consider it to be true as well. It’s about time we gave a formal introduction, don’t you think? Below you’ll find more information on who’s who and what our function is within the collective we call… MOOVMNT.

  • NILEZ: Since the age of 13, Amsterdam-native Nilez has been infatuated with music. It started with buying hip hop records and soon after grew out of proportions. At age 16 he was cutting up records and left many older heads wondering how the hell this young kid was scratching so tight. His love for vinyl eventually took over and instead of scratching records up, he started to passionately collect vinyl. Digging for hours straight he soon realized he was hooked on the black gold. Soon after meeting Nevill, he offered to help out with MOOVMNT and the rest is history. Currently he is the main editor and in charge of branding.
  • NEVILL: Back in 2007, Nevill decided he wanted to share his musical findings with the rest of the world. Along with a small group of friends from Rotterdam Oost, he then started MOOVMNT. He put in a lot of time and effort to gain it’s international status. Apart from being the founder and originator of MOOVMNT, he’s also an occasional editor alongside Nilez.
  • DENNIS: After years of independently sharing his passion for music, Dennis crossed paths with Nevill and Nilez and it only made sense to join the movement. Aside from being an illustrator and graphic designer, he regularly contributes to club nights as a VJ and DJ. Within MOOVMNT, he is more or less the art director, the main creative force behind our looks. Apart from that you may sporadically spot a post by him as well.

Enough about ourselves. Enjoy the music and keep supporting independent artists. We do NOT promote piracy! Make sure to also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.