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Jael Werk Space

Last month brotha Jaël, from the the northlands of Friesland, came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to werk on some warm sounds for another edition of Werk Space. The Moluccan producer reps our Darker Than Wax fam and is one of the most prized artists on their roster.

His cuzzo J’Chanel stopped by to play some additional guitar and soak up the vibes. Trust me when I say the final result is nothing short from tremendous. Later this month we expect to drop the Soul-laden cut as a free download on Soundcloud, so stay tuned!

Thanks once again Joao MB Costa for being our trusted side-kick on this adventure!

Sensi Sye Werk Space

We’re starting off 2016 with a 20-year-old producer out of Loon op Zand (dirty South). Sensi Sye is his name and it’s short for sensitive Simon so to speak. This friendly fella is not afraid to talk about his feelings, which result into his spacey organic sound inspired by nature. It’s all about them F E E L S and no wonder he represents the Souletiquette collective.

Simon visited the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam this month and created something special for Werk Space. He talked about some personal stuff and was intensely thrilled to take part in our monthly project. Very soon we’ll treat you to a new track which will be available for free download. Shot & edit by our partner in crime Joao Costa.

Check out Sensi Sye on Soundcloud

Tru Funksta Henning

As we ease into 2016 we slip & slide with a steady Funk glide. In December Henning from Arnhem visited the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam and worked on a massive Funk track titled “Tru Funksta“. With some help from guitar player Raphael Devante the two got it crackin’ and stackin’ if you will.

Word is that later this year there might be a vocal version, but for now you guys will have to settle for this instrumental version. No worries it’s free! Great mastering by Statinski Mastering I might add.

Again Lucky Dubz came through with some serious artwork, so make sure you check more of his work by clicking the link at the top. Also huge thank you Joao Costa for being a tru funksta and shooting & editing all episodes! Have a drink (or two) on us.

Henning Werk Space

Funk producer extraordinair Henning is from the city of Arnhem, which is considered the far east of the Netherlands. Earlier this month he dropped by the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to close out the first year of Werk Space with a bang. Along with guitar player Raphael Devante, he got down & dirty and worked on some nasty ass Funk. Next week the track “Tru Funksta” will be available on the Werk Space Soundcloud page, but until then enjoy a brand new episode shot by Joao Costa.

We’ll be back in 2016 with more Dutch producer talent, so happy holidays and keep it funky!


The year is coming to an end and KA-YU from the far north delivers some November goodness for our Werk Space project.

KA-YU is a Moluccan/Dutch producer and percussionist who reps the Darker Than Wax crew. He came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to work on a Grime-inspired instrumental track titled “Near Extinction” and we love the soulful twist. Of course we believe you can never go wrong with rhodes and that a free download is still a beautiful thing, even in the age of streaming.

Some incredible artwork was made by Lucky Dubz, who tattooed his original design on actual pigskin. Also much love to Joao Costa for shooting and editing the video. Henning will end the year with some Christmas Funk, but more on that later.

Werk Space KA-YU

20-year-old producer KA-YU, from the far north of the low lands, was our guest for the November edition of Werk Space. This Moluccan/Dutch producer and percussionist came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to rep the Dark Than Wax collective.

KA-YU came with a draft for the track titled “Near Extinction” and ended up adding some soulful rhodes to the mix. The entire thing will be released next week on the Werk Space Soundcloud page, so be patient for another week please. We’ll end 2015 with Modern Funk producer Henning, so best believe we’ll go out with a bang.

Big up to Joao Costa for shooting and editing this video!

Werk Space Jarreau Vandal Lucky Dubz

One of Amsterdam’s hottest producers goes by the name of Jarreau Vandal. This 24-year-old producer came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam for our 10th edition of Werk Space.

With some help from drummer extraordinair Richard Spaven, the Dutch Soulection representative created the track “Rooftops“. This Werk Space instrumental is available for free download and might get some additional vocals added in the near future.

The artwork was done by a graphic designer from Rotterdam named Lucky Dubz. He started tattooing recently and told us he wanted to tattoo artwork on pig skin for this edition. It’s not often you see cover art tattooed and then photographed now do you? Big shout out, we think it turned out very dope.

Jarreau Vandal Werk Space Episode

One of Amsterdam’s hottest producers right now goes by the name of Jarreau Vandal. This 23-year-old producer has been blowing up the clubs all over the Netherlands and Europe as a DJ. Him having a flu did not stop him from getting busy at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam for this months episode of Werk Space. The Soulection representative got some help from from one of the dopest drummers in the UK, Richard Spaven. For those that are unknown to Spaven, he is toured with Flying Lotus, Jose James and Guru…nuff said.

Next week the track will be available online so stay put. As always this video serves as a short introduction and for more info we suggest you head over to Jarreau’s & Spaven’s social media pages.

Jarreau Vandal Richard Spaven

Two days in a fully state-of-the-art sound-equiped room at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam with Jarreau Vandal and drummer Richard Spaven. What is that like?

It’s something like a comforting English cup of tea with a splash of milk. Richard Spaven has deep pockets, a ridiculous swing and he is one of the nicest guys out there. No one should ever charge this guy for a cup of hot water, he brings his own teabags. Serving as the backbone for the experimental talent of Jarreau Vandal we can’t wait to see what they’ll cook up in the next two days. We can only describe it as a sultry shower of Brazillian, Electro-like, snare-huggin’, melodic vibes coming your way. A shower you don’t want to get out of, we promise you. The endresult will be available within a month. Stay dirty and tuned.

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