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Two days in a fully state-of-the-art sound-equiped room at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam with Jarreau Vandal and drummer Richard Spaven. What is that like?

It’s something like a comforting English cup of tea with a splash of milk. Richard Spaven has deep pockets, a ridiculous swing and he is one of the nicest guys out there. No one should ever charge this guy for a cup of hot water, he brings his own teabags. Serving as the backbone for the experimental talent of Jarreau Vandal we can’t wait to see what they’ll cook up in the next two days. We can only describe it as a sultry shower of Brazillian, Electro-like, snare-huggin’, melodic vibes coming your way. A shower you don’t want to get out of, we promise you. The endresult will be available within a month. Stay dirty and tuned.

As you all can read, my name isn’t Nilez. Thank god, I don’t have his looks either. You can expect to see more posts by me from now on. As a long time silent reader the time has come for me to put my love for music into words and what better place than here at Moovmnt? Hi, I’m Xuan. Nice to meet you.