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Producer I.N.T. has been at it for a while. Known for his soulfull touch in hiphop one could find his 1st release back in ’93. In 2004 he released his first 12” as the producer for Melodee, on their own La Melodia Records. This well received 12” will lead to a Melodee album, which is almost completely produced by I.N.T. Next to hiphop this producer is also busy with exploring new styles of music. For instance the leftfield side; which resulted in his first solo release on the Nod Navigors project. Besides producing I.N.T. has also been active as a DJ in the underground scene of hiphop for quite some years. Recently one can also find him in the urban scene, as this artist is always looking for new musical imput and challenges. It is clear that we haven’t heard the last of I.N.T: as it appears he has a bright future ahead of him.

Listen to some beats from I.N.T

La Melodia – Desire (Instrumental)

La Melodia – Dough (Instrumental)

I.N.T – Feel me sometime

La Melodia Shouts out to The Moovmnt

Make sure you buy La Melodia – Vibin High and I.N.T. – Honey Hitters