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With a catalog that dates back to 2001, Zo! has generated creative interest by completing eight different projects between 2001 to March of 2006. During that period of time, he worked with artists such as Prophetix, Athletic Mic League, Asheru, Phonte of Little Brother, and Slum Village. He also teamed with producer Waajeed of the Platinum Pied Pipers to play keys on both PPP’s lead 12″ single “Stay With Me” (featuring vocalist Tiombe Lockhart) and “No Worries” (featuring Steve Spacek) from the 2004 album, Triple P. In 2005, Zo! released a remix album (Re:Definition). In 2006, he followed with a vinyl-only album entitled …just visiting. The latter contains six classic recreations and a guest appearance from Phonte of Little Brother.Freelance is a well-crafted spectrum of music that places a heavy emphasis where it should be…on the music. The album showcases Zo! playing every instrument on each of its 15 tracks.

Freelance opens with an up-tempo, ‘ode to the supporters’ entitled “Yooou” which features the sultry vocals of Virginia-based vocalist Tiffany Paige. The energy remains a constant through the molasses-thick groove of “Welcome Home”, the funk riffs of “Overnight Experience” and the 10-minute percussion-heavy movement session of “SwingTime”. From the spacey synth-driven sounds of “I-94 East” to the high adrenaline, broken-beat energy brought by the album’s closer, “Inertia”, the album shows incredible range. Zo! has a hunger to create consistently great music and Freelance makes that evident. This array of sound will attract a variety of soul, R&B, hip-hop and jazz fans alike. This quality-driven and cohesive project is certain to peak the interest of listeners while proving itself solid enough to pass the musical test of time.
“Timeless music that massages your soul”
Zo! – Before Day
Zo! – Time Table