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We of Moovmnt are big fans of live performances and tend to go to as many as our budget and schedule allows. But still there are some big concerts that we sadly have had to miss, mainly because of our ages.

Kay of the Foundation , who’s cd with Nicolay will drop any time soon, has put together a fantastic Podcast for for all of us who haven’t had the opportunity to be at these concerts. It exists of live version of lots of my favourite soul tracks and probably of yours to. I’ve gotten goosebumps a few times just listening to this podcast, these live performances are not just some fools shouting on a mic but putting down a everlasting performance with sweet voices (no homo).

Be sure to peep the moment Marvin sings his first word on “Distant Lover”, the guitar solo on “Summer Breeze” from the Isley Brothers and Jill Scott doing a piece of “ATCQ’s – Find My Way”.
Thanks a lot Kay for making my day.

Download Here!


“Live” hosted & compiled by Kay of The Foundation & DJ Cipher

“Intro Theme” Live (Kay Commentary) Marvin Gaye
“Lady” Live D’Angelo
“Queen of Sanity” Live
“Hey Joe” Live Jimmy Hendrix
“You’ve Got A Friend” Live Donny Hathaway
“Intro Theme” Live (Kay Commentary) Marvin Gaye
“Summer Breeze” Live Isley Brothers
“Distant Lover” Live Marvin Gaye
“Devotion” Live Earth Wind & Fire
“Slowly Surely” Live Jill Scott
“Back In The Day” Live Erykah Badu
“Intro Theme” Live (Kay Commentary) Marvin Gaye
“Corner of the Earth” Live Jamiroquai