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Just got a hold on this instrumental album Aftathoughts Vol.1 from Afta-1. This guy makes Flying Lotus’ 1983 sound like a bunch of noise. Well you know we love Flylo, but Afta-1 will definetely be played till “Secret Formula” drops.

“With his instrumental album, Aftathoughts Vol.1, Afta-1 gives you an opportunity to hear the music again. These aren’t backing tracks, this isn’t a beat tape: this is the soundtrack to your life.
You can find Afta-1 eight hours in the future. He’s sitting on a supernova, shooting down Pluto moons with love; then running back and laying the track in your lap. Brush the moon dust off your clothes and plug in your speakers for a shape-shifting, time-collapsing, body-breaking, heart-merging experience.
Press play
Afta-1 beats leave your speakers to travel through the universe and give black holes new heartbeats. They’re playing this on Venus, they eat this for breakfast on Neptune, they live by this on Saturn. The love hums in the stratosphere, vibrating right back to your ears. Let the bass line touch base with you, down-deep. Fluff pillows for sleep and recline in the melody. Give way to drum patterns that change pulse patterns. Imbibe these rhythms and keep them for the journey. Pack these wavelengths in your suitcase, pour them in your flask, keep one in the car.”
Be a part of history.

You should just buy this album for only $6, you will never get a better deal in your life. If you are questioning if it’s worth it. Listen to this….

AFTA-1 – Honey Dip

AFTA-1 – The Gaze

AFTA-1 – Banilla Beans

Aime Cain – Stars (Produced by AFTA-1)