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Roddy Rod
A new album for you to download, but remember these guys are LOW BUDGET. They need the money so make sure you also buy it to support the artists. Because of the bootleggers Kev Brown is on a break. And we need his beats. So buy that shit..

01. Intro (feat. Grap Luva)
02. Rudesquire (feat. Muhsinah & Hanis-hum)
03. Whip (feat. Kaimbar)
04. Take In Stride (prod. by J. Laine)
05. Goins On Interlude (feat. Choppy Choppe)
06. Neva Find Me (feat. Y.U. & Finale)
07. Geeda Speaks (Interlude)
08. Mouth Water (feat. Cy Young & Cronkite)
09. Get Down (feat. Kaimbar, Kev Brown, & IQ)
10. Money On The Clock (feat. Oddisee)
11. Rated R (Interlude)
12. Original Sound Buoy (feat. Cy Young)
13. Troubles Lurkin Low (feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young)
14. Living Conditions (feat. Eric Krasno)
15. Geeda Speaks II (Interlude)
16. 1 Min To ReP (Plainfield) (feat. Ekoz The Bounty)
17. Lil’ Louder (feat. Asheru)
18. Actions Show (Ya Talkin) (feat. Y.U.)
19. Exit Thee Park! (feat. Grap Luva)