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Hi my Fellow good music lovers, how are ya’ll doin?Where are all my people lovin that Real IsHH. where are they? At the MOOVMNT offcourse!! (you Silly Billies)

Butt something been bothering me for a while. See I love HIPHOP and everything that comes with it. all of the 4 Elementz (Turntablism,MC’ing,BreakDancin and Grafitty) well tha last is going through some Ruff times in my hometown (RotterdaMN 010). See because everyone is tryin’2 be Urban nowadays, so there’s also an increase of Graffiti artist, These cat’s aint worth callin artist they are just F@#*ing up the trains I travel on with really “Toy” tags and cheap ass markers. Disrespectin Beautifull “Pieces” that have been untouched for years with nonsense.
Can listen 2 my MP3 because the city decided to let old trains (hella noisy)ride durin the late hours. So to all the WeakWack and childish Graffiti Chumps I wanna say this: “Leave the Spraycans to the Pro’s Practise your skillz on paper”Bigg up to the Real Crews ESC DZB and such