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IG Culture

From bruk to hip hop, to r ‘n’ b and soul, IG is a legend far beyond the confines of the geographical or musical designation of West London: respected across continents for his self-taught musicality and heavy rhythms. Having started out as a member of Dodge City Productions in the early ’90s, he went on to become one of the pioneers who took the scatterlogical energy of drum ‘n’ bass and fused it into the shape-shifting sound known as broken beat. IG comes with forays under monikers like Likwid Bizkit and Blaktonez, and as a DJ his crates encompass plenty of soul-infused styles from delineated 4/4 to acoustic syncopated rumbles on dusty 45s. Check out the Red Bull Academy session with IG Culture.

Jose James – Blackeyedsusan (IG Culture Bruk 4 Love Remix)

IG Culture – Track 6

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