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W. Ellington Felton is the son of jazz pianist Hilton Felton, music is in his veins, Its tempting to describe W. Ellington Felton with slashes: Hes a singer/ poet/ actor/emcee. Ellington is using every weapon in his arsenal to resuscitate soul music. Hes a real talented brother, a Renaissance cat, who paints, writes, does books.Ellington knows that poems often make the best songs. His hip-hop rhapsodies paint vivid images that engage, and sometimes unnerve listeners. There’s no element of originality, or surprise, or spontaneity. The only thing I try to consciously do with music…is try to figure out ways to push the buttons. And of course, he writes lots and lots of stories about lovefalling in it, getting over it, and making it work. Rather than the sappy, clich-ridden variety, Ellingtons songs address the complexities of love in real life.

W. Ellington Felton

sounds like: Eric Roberson, Raheem Devaughn, Bilal Salaam, Kev Brown

W. Ellington Felton – Beyond the Sky

W. Ellington Felton – She Devil in the Garden

W. Ellington Felton – Wes got Jokes

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