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Samiyam Rap Beats Vol.1

*flicks were taken from Sam’s instore over at Poo-Bah Records in Pasadena. he’s making his Rap Beats Vol.1 beattape personally. i suggest you go over to his page and consider investing in this dope ass mix.

Wassup, my name is Samiyam, from Michigan, just moved out here to sunny LA. Enjoying the weather out here as my homies back home freeze their ass off.

When did you first develop a vested interest in music?

 I dunno, I’ve been listening to music forever. I used to play instruments, like the piano and the clarinet for a while. I really started thinking of making my own music in high school, listening to hip hop and wondering how the fuck people make this shit.

How would you discribe your first beats?

Wack. Not very good. I guess some of that shit is all right but the mixes would be super fucked up. I started off with the MP first off. I don’t think I was that great on it at first.

When did you first notice a sound developing in your shit?

I guess at one point when I was using the MP I was doing some shit that had a little sound to it, sampling records and I had bought a little synth and I was playing bass lines. Shit was coming out with a little sound to it. I made some shit maybe a year or so after I started making shit and thought, ah, that sounds allright. Even after listening to it after a couple of months, I was just kind of making shit and having fun before that, making stupid shi

How do you see your shit, or do you not even see it in a certain way and it’s just something you do?

I don’t really see it in in a certain way, it’s just some shit I do. I got the machine I like to make music on, just turn it on and do some shit. I mean I guess the shit sounds a certain way sometimes when it’s done but I don’t think of shit in any special way, that question’s kinda weird.

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Samiyam – Rap Beat 8


Samiyam – Rap Beat 21