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Dj/Producer/Radio Journalist & Independent A&R Jay Scarlett has been collecting music since the age of 15. Mainly started collecting classic hip-hop from Run DMC to Nucleus then went on to expansive soulful recordings.

His soul interest developed into more of a broad spectrum of music from the early 90´s branching out into house and early Detroit music such as Mr. Fingers, Kevin Saunderson, Ten City then into more soulful house which lead back around to soul and hip hop.

Jay got involved in pirates & internet radio Pure DM back in 95 and went on to have residency’s at the Bass Clef (Blue Note), Jazz Café, rock Café & WKD in Camden, UK and developed musical ties with most of the UK music scene thru the jam sessions (one dj and band concept) that was one of the first sessions to incorporate this kind of interaction. ??

Jay’s first recordings were in 2000 for One Dot Zero Presentation & Book Sneaker Size Isn’t Everything, also contributed a composition for the first UK Global Hip Hop Album Collaboration
(Speaking in Tongues). Developing ties with Morgan Zarate & Steve Spacek in the early 90´s Jay became aided tour manager/Dj for the group Spacek/Sound system & later Touring in several countries around the world.

Presently residing in Munich Jay has several residencies as well as supporting a lot of the main international acts flowing thru Munich plus a Show on The Biggest Japanese/Worldwide Internet Station Samurai FM “Ampsoul Generation”. Which he uses to bridge the gap between bedroom novice producers and rising vocal artists in all scenes of present music.

In 2007 Jay Compiled & contributed a Track (love music) released on Beat Dimensions Vol 1 Compilation to critical acclaim Featuring artists that have now gone on to sign with legendary labels Warp as well as other outer national indie labels triggering a new perspective & focus on  “The beat” generation also Reebok Lifestyles compilation 1 bringing together the best in established and up & coming artists from around the globe & Vol 2. Is on its way for circulation June July 2008. Now researching For L.A Label Poo Bah Compilation (Beat Bugz). & HMV Compilation Japan Also working on a self produced full-length album.

2 tracks from Jay’s playlist.. 

Le N_KO – Anxious


00Genesis – Cheddar Puff Dreams


Download 00Genesis – 00Episode Re-Runs Beattape