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Dutch entrepreneur Nalden aka Naldisney ( / Appletree Records) presents HayZee (20), one of the Netherlands finest talents, by releasing his first beat tape Next Level online as a free download. This young producer HayZee is certainly an upcoming talent and could be recognized by the influence of his passion for  8-bit games in the beats he produced. With games like Mario, Metroid, Megaman as inspiration HayZee started to make beats with this typical 8-bit sound a few years a go. Now, the loading is done and Next Level is his first beat tape containing 8 levels of crazy beats which gives you a pleasure listening for at least 30 minutes. 
strong>HayZee also invites every singer or mc to play with vocals of his beats. It would be much appreciated if we all can hear the result too so please e-mail us your Next Level tracks containing vocals and maybe we’ll end up with a limited but Next Level Compact Disc. 



Hayzee – Spacedoll