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2495727745_426f2196bf.jpg just wake you up, so you can get the Nhmiah Su Mixtape + the other treats on Muhsinah’s page like the Erykah Badu Boozina Remix.

About Muhsinah – Pronounced [mu•s?•n?] – Singer, producer, vigilante, lover, dreamer.

Having landed on the musical radar like some kind of a phantom battleship, this Washington D.C. native continues to fires away at us, sinking nay-sayers and making a name for herself at a rate which some might consider alarming. Appearing on a slew of independent releases this year, Muhsinah has earned each and every title that’s been thrown her way- engineer/producer/composer/singer/songwriter/arranger/inspiration and the like. Contrary to popular misconception, Muhsinah was not dropped off on this planet by some enigmatic cosmic force; she hitched a ride on her own star. Listen

Nhmiah Su – Track 2 (Prod.Boozina)


Erykah Badu – Real Thang (Boozina Remix)