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The Oxtopus was specifically recorded for the Oxtopus compilation. This was one of the last times Dilla ever graced the mic. Also, if you notice, the beat is basically a snap back at the song Grindin’ by The Clipse. There’s a video on youtube of J-Rocc playing it live in Sweden, but no one seems to know where this track came from. Now ya know, Lyrics like, “I’m ill wit da pill you tired then take 2/wit dill in ya system dog ya cant lose/ya now rockin’ with the O.X/I’m back like black kojack up in you like kotex/I know you tired of the same ole same ole/the way my chains hang dog, those things get tangled”. The final version has Dilla doing a chorus, that went something like “So what’s the name of the jam? / The Oxtopus (yep) / wassup wit wavin’ dem hands / we got cha hooked (yep) / wassup wit blazin dem yams / we got the kush ” O.X. ROCKIN ON… Messa&Listen Compute Rock

J Dilla – Oxtopus Boom Boom