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Armed with an Ensoniq ASR-88, a few records, and a computer, Trackademicks has begun to capture the attention of those who keep their ear to the beat, effectively articulating himself through sound to others. In a climate where producers and artists pride themselves on having a particular sound, he brings a tremendous amount of variety to the table. Hailing from Alameda, an island located off the coast of Oakland, CA, Trackademicks makes music driven by the same philosophy that made him; mix it up. Born to a Filipino father from the Bay Area and a Black mother from Richmond, VA, his cultural diversity inherently translates itself into the music. Like California Cuisine, he takes ingredients and influences from all over to add to our local tastes and create something appealing to everyone.
Taking cue from his parents modest record collection, Trackademicks musical influences have always spanned the musical spectrum. Long before hip-hop became his creative point of reference, artists ranging from Sergio Mendes, The Doors, Sade, Bob James, to Tears For Fears, Wham!, and Cherelle made their impact on this grade school band student. It wouldnt be long, though, before the independent spirit of the thriving mid-90s Bay Areas rap scene would take its hold on Trackademicks. This interest in hip-hop would quickly grow beyond the local scene. With all of these different influences present in his music, Trackademicks is one of many helping to change the soundscape of popular culture by changing the way culture is presented in music.
Whether he’s remixing artists across the international dateline or doing tracks for artists across the Bay Bridge, Trackademicks represents a progressive school of thought that is not held captive to preexisting musical boundaries. And in that school, Trackademicks is a star student. As member of the Honor Roll, an East Bay Area-based collective, he and his peers are building upon the foundation that was laid by artists such as the Neptunes, Andre 3000, and Kanye West, whove expanded the definition of what hip-hop can be on a mainstream level. In an industry where the streets are gridlocked with artists, Trackademicks has decided to take the freeway… and there seems to be no traffic at all.

Trackademicks – Topsidin’


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