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About 2 weeks ago one of our favourite producers by the CURTIS Cross better known as ‘Black Milk’  reveiled the tracklist for his new and upcoming album “Tronic” that will be released October 28th, along with that he promised to hit the world up with a promo to that album the next week. So for the last week he had us waiting in anxiouty, day after day, and today finally he hit us up with something we totally did not expect, an exclusive beattape that is 11 tracks deep, and goes by the name “Music from the Color Purple“. The reason for the name is because the majority of the tracks are sampled from Prince’s album Purple Rain. This man once again proves to us that he knocks the beats out one after another. 11 tracks sounding like they just came out of his Akai MPC, which probably is what really happened. Admitting that not EVERY beat is as good as the best Black Milk beats that u’ve heard, but at least the half of this project is a gem and we’re gracefull he was willing to bless the world with his magic, And i say that to say this, if he can just put beats out like this for free without it even bothering him, then that goes to show u of what caliber his new album Tronic will be, so go get that october 28th!

Oh yeah be sure to notice that he plays the sample that he used for the chops on the beat at the ending of the tracks, real nice!

Black Milk – Beat 09



Picture by Nina Oliver