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Baron Zen – Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk Remix) (Stones Throw)
Roots Manuva – Let the Spirit (Big Dada)
J Davey – Sloow (Interdependent) |
PPP. ft Coultrain – Angel (Ubiquity)
Jake One ft Freeway – The Truth (Istrumental) (CDR)
Madlib – Anthenagin’ (Stones Throw)
Madlib frat MED – The OX (BBE)
Morgan Zarate ft Eska – Sticks and Stones (CDR)
Karriem Riggins – Rhodes Ahead (CDR)
PPP ft Karma – On A Cloud (Ubiquity)
Waajeed – Make it Boom (CDR)
PPP ft Coultrain – Pigeon Hole (Ubiquity)
Waajeed – Tetris (Bling 47)
PPP – Love Affair (Ubiquity)
Waajeed – Baby (Bling47)
Waajeed – I Miss James (Bling47)
Waajeed & Saadiq – Withdraw (Bling47)
PPP ft Karma Stewart – Smoke and Mirrors (Ubiquity)
Waajeed – Super (Bling 47)
Waajeed – Gold (Bling 47)
PPP – The Ghost from Aveiro (Ubiquity)
Waajeed – 13 (Bling47)
Waajeed – Resurgance (Bling 47)
PPP – Shotgun Waajeed Plinky Remix (Ubiquity/ Bling47)
Waajeed – Tron (Bling47)
Waajeed – Get Live (Fat City)
Coultrain – Playing Catchup (JuJu Dust)
Waajeed – Yearning (Bling 47)
Karma Stewart – Look (E. 16th LLC)
Waajeed – Super (Bling 47)
Dr Luv – The One And Only (Bling47)
Cybotron – Cosmic Cars (Fantas
Waajeed ft.Estelle – Had To Be You – (CDR)
Dilla – LL (Bling 47)
Jazzmine Sulivan – Jump Of f (CDR)
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PPP – Shotgun (Waajeed Plinky Remix)


This remix comes from the upcoming PPP Abundance Mixtape that features Waajeed doing brand new remixes of all your Triple P favorites, as well as tracks from the new PPP cast that will be appearing on the Abundance album dropping in January of ‘09 (and even some non-album exclusives). The mixtape will be available in the coming months – but you can cop it now if you catch em on tour.

20.sep.2008 20:00 THE DRUM Birmingham, UK
21.sep.2008 20:00 HI-FI CLUB Leeds, UK
23.sep.2008 20:00 THEKLA Bristol, UK
25.sep.2008 20:00 BATOFAR Paris, FR
26.sep.2008 20:00 MARSATAC FESTIVAL Marseille, FR
27.sep.2008 20:00 OSOSPHERE FESTIVAL Strasbourg, FR
30.sep.2008 20:00 PARADISO Amsterdam, NL
01.okt.2008 20:00 WATERFRONT Rotterdam, NL
02.okt.2008 20:00 MINNEMEERS Gent, BE
03.okt.2008 20:00 Soul Stereo Athens, GR
04.okt.2008 20:00 Razzmatazz 3 Barcelona, ES
05.okt.2008 20:00 BLACK BOOK SESSIONS Madrid, ES
07.okt.2008 20:00 Bohannon Berlin, DE
09.okt.2008 20:00 KUPPEL Basel, CH
10.okt.2008 20:00 HALLE02 Heidelberg, DE
11.okt.2008 20:00 AKBANK FESTIVAL Istanbul, TR
12.okt.2008 20:00 KAPU Linz, AT
14.okt.2008 20:00 B72 Vienna, AT
16.okt.2008 20:00 CLUB SUB SUB Ljubljana, SI
17.okt.2008 20:00 WASSERWERK Bern, CH
18.okt.2008 20:00 ROTE FABRIK Zurich, CH