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The Long Lost is a project by Alfred Darlington (Daedelus) and his wife Laura Darlington. At the end of this month their first official release, Woebegone, will be available through Ninja Tune on both 12? vinyl and mp3 download.

Here are a couple of remixes for you from a dear friend of The Long Lost – Monsieur Flying Lotus, no less. Both remixes are for the title track Woebegone. The first is Flying Lotus’ Luckiest Charm, giving the track his distinctive ethereal and slightly tribal edge to the track. Flying Lotus always manages to put a trippy tilt on his work without making it overbearing or all consuming – it’s understated, yet quite exquisite in a way.

The Long Lost – Woebegone (Flying Lotus’ Luckiest Charm)


The second remix of Woebegone is called Fly Lo’s Like Woe. This is slightly more uptempo and encompasses a bit more grit and wonky-wonderment, as witnessed (in awe) on the recent LP by Flying Lotus, Los Angeles. Although the effect is used sparingly, presumably so as not to stray too far from the original emphasis of Woebegone – it’s pretty fresh either way.

The Long Lost – Woebegone (Flying Lotus’ Like Woe)


Two mean pieces of work by the Lotus. You can listen to some of the original tracks at The Long Lost’s MySpace page, and also look out for that 12? and/or the mp3 download when they come out at the end of the month on Ninja Tune. Juslikemusic