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The first work in a few years by soulstress YahZarah — a self-released mini album that finds her singing beautifully over kind of a gritty hip hop soul backdrop on a few tunes — and a mellower, more smoothed out groove on others! It’s been way too long since we’ve heard anything new from YahZarah, and she’s clearly ready to burst forward with a fresh new vibe — reintroducing herself with her Purple St James persona. Purp rolls with more of an uptempo hip hop soul vibe on a few tunes, plus a couple of sweeter jazzy soul ballads, including a duet with Raheem DeVaughn. Timeless beatcraft, with some grittier touches, plus a couple tunes with the sweeter indie soul groove that first hipped us to her. Her singing is as good as ever, and this is a promising Prelude, indeed! 8 tracks and an interlude, with “Four Alarm Fire”, “Real Good” feat Phonte of Little Brother, “U Turn Me On”, “Oooh Baby U”, “Where I Is”, “Come To Me” feat Raheem DeVaughn, “Natural” and “Tired Of Watching”. Get it on Dustygroove. YahZarah will also be on the next Foreign Exchange album “Leave It All Behind”.

YahZarah – Real Good Feat. Phonte