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Paul White is living up to all the hype! Another weighty 7″ dropping on the increasingly exciting One Handed Music label..

Hot on the heels of Bullion’s niche-anthem ‘Get Familiar’ comes the second solo transmission from another peculiarly talented London beat-smith, Paul White.

For You And For Me is an oddly intoxicating marching tune that shows that in hip hop in 2008, the most fun is to be had in the fringes. Paul’s passion for prog takes a decidedly exotic and somehow military turn and ends up with the kind of wide-eyed creation that his has peers in a froth.

We Want It All is pretty old-school in comparison: a rough drum break, filthy bass and all sorts of curious and wonderful voices add up to three of the best minutes sample-based music will have all year.

Along with a handful of fine remixes and his mesmerising beat-tapes, 2007’s debut single The Dragon Fly marked Paul out as a leading light of the increasingly captivating ‘beat scene’. Plaudits fell at his feet: Dazed & Confused enthused that he “embodies all that is good about a new generation of producers”; illustrious peers such as IG Culture, Danny Breaks and Ashley Beedle signalled their respect and key folk such as Benji B and Gilles Peterson launched him on the airwaves (the latter featuring him in his ‘Beat Generation’ special amongst the pick of the new breed).

A library producer by trade with BBC and Channel 4 credits to his name, Paul crafts his psychedelic gems in his South London rooftop studio, The Skylight, from whence the sounds of a beguiling and unique debut album are beginning to emerge… Get the “7 on Rushhour.

Paul White – For You & For Me