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Appletree producers Beau Love, Louis Bordeaux and Sotu the Traveller embarked on a journey to southern France. On Beau Love’s initiative the three beat conductors packed a van full with all the equipment needed to conduct some massive beat making. Along with sound engineer Elio “Delta Beats” Debets and Appletree CEOs they set off to the scenic village of Esclauzels. Arriving at the picturesque cottage, with a great view of nature’s finest work, Esclauzels was the perfect scene for a week filled with, relaxation, creativity, joy, inspiration and jamming.

The three producers got back to basic in the improvised studio, built on the spot with Elio. There, on the in the mountains of Midi-Pyrenees, for the first time ever Beau Love, Louis Bordeaux and Sotu the Traveller started making music together.

The beautiful nature surroundings, fun, good French wine and food, long nights, philosophizing, jamming and spending a week with people you don’t know too well and getting to know them better, are all ingredients for a diversified, palette of musical beats.

The fruit of this labour is called Pêche Noire and is released as a free download in October 2008. New Orleans based designer Nessim Higson was kind enough to create the artwork for this release.

The Pêche Noire project displays how 3 producers with various styles can come together and create a consistent homogeneous album. Yet, still compliment the individual producers strong aspects and leave room for each one of them to shine. It consists of some out takes from late-night jam sessions, tracks made together, some solo joints, and even a magical 15 minute jam!

The first encounter the general public had with the musical abilities of Pêche Noire was: ‘Loopwheeler‘. Inspired by Nike and Loopwheeler, beat collective Pêche Noire held a studio session in dedication to the craftmanship of how the Nike AW77 sweater is made by the Loopwheeler company in Japan. In Elio “Delta Beats” studio they relived the chemistry they had in Esclauzels and with Japanese samples and drums, the Dutch beatmakers created a musical piece.

Pêche Noire – Cacahuete