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The opening to new horizons towards melodic and rhythmic structures that are not limited by physical properties of natural instruments traveling faster than the speed of light, knowledge east koast recycler (U.S.) has circulated his sound worldwide. at 20, he has quickly made it onto the playlists of global radiomixes with a highly anticipated release on all city dublin in 2009. Recently featured on Detroit MC Invincible’s “Shapeshifters” (2008) and XLR8R magazine, knowledge is a proven standout amongst the new wave beat generation. His captivating sound is a blend of true musicianship of great legends such as miles davis and hip-hop breakbeats all wrapped into one.

A couple of days ago, Brittany Bosco threw a few tracks in our Moovmnt Dropbox. The tracks are from her Spectrum EP which is really hard to get a hand on right now. Our favorite track from her EP is Glitch which is produced by Kn0wl3dG3.

Kn0wl3dG3 – Konfrontation


Brittany Bosco – Glitch Prod. Kn0wl3dG3