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Yes, it was kinda quit the last few days, but today we have two brand new FRESHCLUSIVES for y’all.. thanks to Kenny Fresh offcourse.

 Shafiq presents… Jank Random vs. Earl Leonne – The Frequency Cla$h,  is out now on Poo-Bah Records. The record marks his first solo venture – in which he takes us along for an experimental beat excursion through the minds of his alter-egos.

The second FRESHCLUSIVE is the demo version of Erykah Badu’s “Master Teacher” which Shafiq had co-produced with Georgia for SA-RA’s G.O.O.D. Music debut, Black Fuzz, which actually featured Bilal singing the lead vocals (who you can still hearing in the background of the Badu version), and Georgia on backing vox. All props goes to Freshselects..

Shafiq presents Jank Random vs Earl Leonne – The Frequency Cla$h: Side B


DOWNLOAD SA-RA – The “Master Teacher” Sessions EP