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Jazzanova and Verve along with their partners from Ableton and Soundcloud invite everybody to participate in a remix contest: The Berlin-based DJ and producer collective Jazzanova puts the tracks of its latest single ‘I Can See’ at your disposal for remixing. Which is kind of funny since normally it are the folks from Jazzanova that remix tracks of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Common, Ursula Rucker, 4hero, Master At Work, Fat Freddys Drop, United Future Organization, Azymuth, or Calixo. Now they offer one of their very own tracks to their ‘competitors’.

A attractive set of prizes is waiting for the lucky winners- on top the chance of a digital release on Jazzanova’s Berlin-based label Sonarkollektiv. The remixes will be presented on the Jazzanova website and Soundcloud. And the winner of the competition will be picked by the Jazzanova expert team itself. Deadline is the 15th December, 2008.