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Jesse Boykins “The Beauty Created”, if you’re a reader of this website, this must be a album you’re looking to acquire. If you’ve been waiting for an album to finally replace your D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Eric Roberson, The Foreign Exchange, Coultrain, Bilal album, this must be a album you’re looking to acquire.

Jesse will show you how 2008 soul music supposed to sound like. If you’ve been sleeping, read the introduction Kenny Fresh wrote a few weeks ago on Freshselects.

Jesse Boykins III is a young, talented singer/songwriter who grew up in Jamaica and Miami and had always been involved in music – leading up to him eventually getting recruited by the prestigious New School University in Manhattan (whose alumni include recent innovators Bilal, Tiombe Lockhart, and Robert Glasper). While attending the New School, Jesse has been making the most of his time in NY by not only establishing his presence as a solo act, but also collaborating with fellow Brooklynites like the Def Jux-signed live funk band, Chin Chin, one of their offshoots, Big Mono, co-producer & singer, J. Most, and members of Tiombe’s Army Of Love (namely, bassist Earl Travis and drummer Jamire Williams).

But all side projects and collaborations aside, Jesse has been making some serious noise on his own with the self-released EP Dopamine: My Life On My Back, and its lead single, “Tabloids” blowing up both on YouTube and BET Jazz – and rightfully so. With his pop-friendly sense of melody, dynamic voice range, and keen songwriting sense – all laced with a post-Soulquarians tyled production sense, JBIII manages to bridge the gap between underground soul and radio R&B. Photo by Maicol for Unique Photography.

CONTEST: What is the title of the first Jesse Boykins “The Beauty Created” single???

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Jesse Boykins III – Fever


Jesse Boykins III – Connected Feat. Theophilus London & Keys Prod. Afta-1