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I dunno man, I gave it a couple listens the past hour and it just don’t sound right (or it just don’t sound Common)t;  I mean, you can call this album “the experimental Common” or just his “8th album“, but Universal Mind Control is not my cup of tea.  I don’t like, doesn’t mean that I hate but the productions are so easy, so -16 year old type of beats!  What is happening to all these artists such as Mos Def, Common, what happened to the era of Rawkus? Why was it possible to come out with such a good roster of artists and sell their music to a larger crowd? Mos Def was on Times Square with a huge “Black On Both Sides” poster.  Common linked with Hi-Tek and dropped “1-9-9-9?; Kweli came with Reflection Eternal and Black Star. High & Mighty, Cage, Company Flow, we were talking about creativity back then, not bullshit.
Coming with a message is not important anymore, although it’s the essence of hiphop
Is it the money that causes that our favorite artists just don’t sound right nowadays?
Am I getting too old for this rap shit or does Common focus on 15 year old kids who (too bad for him) will download this album and forget about it next month;  Anyway, I’m very dissapointed, the highlight might be “Inhale” and most definitely “Gladiator” but that album isn’t worth buying.  Give it to some club deejays, give some to the kids but you won’t be able to reach the true Common fans I think.  Should’ve stuck with Kanye, he at least understood your way and your sound. Kanye had no time for you?  Well, should’ve wait…

by Lefto