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4th in beat serie 45 of the great label Melting Pot Music . After the released of Kill Bill/Drama by Suff Daddy, Ole Woam/Don’t Stop by Brenk and the amazing Groo/Luv 2 Luv by Baptman, here is the 4th part produced by the original beatmaker Afta-1.

Two tracks for this 7inch that will make a buzz. The mystical Nightlife, dark and fluid, and the minimalist The Time In Between.

A mix of clever instrumental hip hop beat, mystic and organic keyboard, soulful musicality. Class and sophisticated, sprinkling funk fragments, electro, even cosmic soul. To compare, Afta-1’s music reminds Flying Lotus or even J Dilla. Influences so benefit that you can feel.

You would have understood that Afta-1 evoluates in another dimension and another planet to create this sound from elsewhere. Respect!

Written by Super Boogie on WUZZ Mag

Afta-1 – Nightlight


Afta-1 – The Time In Between