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Detroit’s own R&B soulster Dwele has just released a new tune for McDonalds McCafé promotional campaign. The smooth yet catchy song almost makes you forget that your listening to a radio commercial and leaves you wanting to hit repeat on your ipod. Dwele produced and wrote the jingle for McDonalds, and also produced two other McCafé songs, one which features Cleveland soultress Conya Doss, and the other a duet between the two.

It seems as if McDonalds is targeting hip urbanites, and lucky for us, they chose Dwele to represent the new McCafé line and this wonderful song was born.

McCafé is a coffee-house-style food and drink brand, located in McDonalds restaurants. The McCafé chain started in Europe and has now expanded to the states. McDonalds is known for diversified marketing and this latest campaign featuring Dwele is right in line. McCafé is set to be a tough competitor for favorites such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, with prices at a fraction of some of the other leading chains. Urban Examiner

Dwele – McCafe Liquid Love


and on request..the long lost song from dwele’s son..

John (Dwele’s Son) – Beep me , find me