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So much music… As much as there is an upper crust of known musicians and producers in this matrix, much like an iceberg, there’s a formidable mass below that is strong and as capable.
Some time ago I came across a recording Between Earth & Universe authored by a young beatsmith Stevo. Slow, grimy electro-nice tempos with very spaced out imagery.

This young 22 yr old German native has been the classic fan of hip hop. With idols such as The Chocolate Boy Wonder, Gangstarr, Madlib the Bad Kid as well as they far, wide reaching and ubiquitous James Yancey, he has seen his fame rise through the broadcasts of the Lord Jay Scarlett @ AmpSoul Generation Radio and through the good ppl @ Monday Jazz. He has now released his 2nd mixtape, Another Space Odyssey. The soundscapes are deeper, more nebulous and with same sharp snare and thick kicks.

Enough with the words and verbs. Take out your sharpest telescope and sit back and take in Stevo’s sophmore release, soon to blow up like a Neutron Star.

Be sure to grab the whole mixtape, and hit Stevo’s myspace . Show love. You know I will. And in fact, he rawks an MPD24 like I do. Say wrd. BTW, shouts to Fella Vaughn for Stevo’s stellar artwork. Written by HZA.

Stevo – Neutronstar