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Alex Nut from Rinse FM got us his weekly mix Mixed Nuts,  as you may know the show goes out every week, and so far guests have included Hudson Mohawke, Stacy Epps, Bullion, Paul White etc.

Alex is also managing a label with Floating Points which you may have heard on Benji B, Gilles, or Mary Anne Hobbes. More on that soon..

We also want to thank all the viewers who contacted us via e-mail. We will respond soon, if you didn’t get you response yet..been kinda busy..We are also working on the technical difficulties on the site. Keep supporting…

Flying Lotus ‘Paper Crane Gang’
Ras G ‘5AM Spliff’
Clouds ‘Timekeeper; (Ras G remix)
Flying Lotus ‘Camel’ (Nosaji Thing)
Lukid ‘Fela’
Black Milk ‘Bounce’
Rhyan Hunn ‘EP Track 6’
Flying Lotus ‘Sympathy For The Biters’
Ahu/Bullion ‘Bitches Of The Past’
Madlib ‘Beat 08’
Melanine ‘Progressive Revelation’
Brittany Bosco ‘City Of Nowhere’
2Tall ‘The Corridor’ (forthcoming on Terror Rhythm)
Floating Points ‘Always To This Point’ (unreleased)
Jackson Conti ‘Casa Forte’
Mos Def ‘Boogie Man’
Hey Zeus/Tech D – 2am inst
Melanin Nine ‘Children Of The Sun’ ft Yasine
Kareem Riggins ‘Life’
Tranqill + Rene ‘U R Everything’
Bad Fx & Hey Zeus ‘Feel that bump’
Flylo/Ahu ‘Stay’ (unreleased)
Shuanise ‘Kingdom’ (unreleased)
Jon Phonics ft Verb T ‘Alternate Take’
RDL ‘Demon.boi’
Floating Points ‘CTI Beat’ (unreleased)
Oddisee ‘Memory Lane’
Taarach ‘Baaaby’
Pursuit Grooves ‘Love Dub Motion’
Harmonic 313 ‘The Returners’
Bad Fx ‘The Ultimate’
Count Bass D ‘The Block’ inst
Reefer ‘Let It Go’ (Flying Lotus remix)
Shuanise ‘Catch’ (Mixed Nuts Excluse)
Dorian Concept ‘Two Hour Power’
Eprom + Profisee ‘ Zoning’
Lukid ‘Piano Nono’
Madlib + Stacy Epps ‘The Way I Live’
Beyonce ‘Diva’

Mixed Nutz 3/1/09