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Finally available again! One of Jay Dee’s first solo releases was actually more like a Frank-N-Dank record. The highlight is the dark bassline of “Love (Is a Thing of the Past),” but the Phat Kat-guested a-side can hang. Both 12″s  originally dropped in 2000 (even before “Welcome 2 Detroit“!) that features Jay Dee’s supreme soulful production with vocals from Frank-N-Dank. B-side wins again, with “Give it Up II” featuring a verse from the mysteriously credited BJ Dilla. Classic Detroit hip hop. Get it here.

We also recommend Houseshoes “The King James Version”. The King James Version is a smoke-filled trip through the used crates of the G.O.A.T Dilla. Cop it here.

Jay Dee –  Everybody Get Up


Jay Dee – Love (A Thing Of The Past)