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Their debut album, Triple P, brought worldwide notoriety to the Detroit-based production crew and their global collective of like-minded edgy-beat makers and soulful collaborators. Abundance marks the arrival of PPP as a band. They have developed a new sound that’s even bigger, and an album that’s more dynamic and organic than their first.

Abundance sums up everything; our growth since Triple P, the love and encouragement to make this record that we’ve gotten from our fans, it means a lot of things,” explains band-leader and producer Waajeed. “It picks up where the first left- off. Triple P was a great start, but this sophomore album is on another level.  It’s more involved and focused…it’s Electro Soul!”

PPP have released an exclusive free download mixtape to promote Abundace via Kenny Fresh, the album drops next week… cop it..via the new ubiquity shop.

PPP – Ain’t No If’s Or Maybes


PPP – Smoking Mirrors