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yeah i know we already did a write up about this release, but we received a new Afta1 you might also want to read this case you were sleeping on Afta…

Afta-1 is one of the biggest talents amongst today’s beat generation. Born in California and now based in Brooklyn, Afta-1 is drawing inspiration from Sun-Ra and Flying Lotus alike, but speaks in his very own language. The best fitting label for his music is probably “cosmic”. His debut album “Aftathoughts Vol.1” was released on Circulations (Japan) and enjoyed heavy support by Benji B. Space is till the place when it comes to Afta-1. Or as the good folks over at Dusty Groove put it: “Cosmic keys and splashy beats, but all taken at a pace that’s much more laidback than other artists of this nature — not really hip hop, not really cosmic soul, but a uniquely isolated space that’s all its own!”

Go and get Aftathoughts and MPM Beat 45 #4.

AFTA1 – Tiden Flyver Remix


AFTA1 – Nightlight