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Reggie B is a soulsinger/producer from Topcity (Topeka Kansas) with a warm yet spacey sound using a Motif keyboard and going for those authentic roads & guitar sounds. We’ve been onto this guy for a while, but when I received some tracks from his upcoming album (The Traveler) I just had to post This Pain. Get ready for an action-packed post!

He has already dropped several albums like Go on the Japanese label Circulations. He almost produced this whole album by himself exept for a couple of guest productions by Lenny D (who produced Go), Saadiq from Platinum Pied Pipers (who produced We R Here) and Miles Bonny (who produced I Apologize). This album has some serious tracks on it, so be sure to support good music and buy it HERE!

The Future Music album is a project Reggie did together with Daru. I just love the title track (produced by Reggie) and what a coincidence Reggie also worked on the title track for Jay Scarlett’s New Worlds album that dropped last year, which is also an amazing track! Last, but not least, he also featured on the Alpha compilation that came out last March on INnatesounds.  

There are so many projects Reggie is working on so be sure to keep an eye out for the, soon to be released, political joint called Whitehouse Lies about former president Bush. Georgy Porgy gets burned on this one…I’m lovin’ it like McDonalds and this one will be available on all digital stores only! There is an upcoming album with Miles Bonny on the shelves and don’t even get me started about his The Traveler album. Each producer from the INnatesounds crew (Miles Bonny, Daru, Lenny D, Reggie B) will be releasing or have already released an album for the Work series. Reggie’s Work Vol.5 (Musical Joyride) will be coming out next month so I guess 2009 is gonna be Reggie’s year. This cat is taking over! Thanks to Reggie B & the ThinkLoud radioshow for the interview.

Reggie B Feat. Saadiq – We R Here


Reggie B – This Pain


Reggie B – Whitehouse Lies