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I was just going through some older stuff I had lying around and came across this Gumbo album from last year. The artist, Brenk from Vienna, born Branko Jordanovic, is one of Austria’s hardest working beatmakers. Now eventhough the album wasn’t that amazing and was released last year, we still found two tracks entertaining enough to share with ya’ll. Ole Woam is a very nice deep and spacey track with a great little vocoder chorus and Don’t Stop is also kinda fly. Sad to say that the rest of the album wasn’t on the same level. These same two tracks also came out on Melting Pot in the form of the Beat 45 #2 single. I love the whole idea behind that concept and I have to say the AFTA-1 release is the best of the series so far!

Brenk – Ole Woam


Brenk – Don’t Stop