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Onra clears out the beat shelf, as his 1.0.8 LP finally gets an official release on Favourite. In some serious bonus beat business, here’s more proof that when it comes samples, this Parisian one-man powerhouse can chop like Zorro and flip like Daley Thomson: Are You Satisfied, also starring Pursuit Grooves and Fatima

Recorded at the 2008 Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, Onra flips a few organ chords on this one, pitching the ground sheet for Fatima and Pursuit Grooves to build a tent big enough for us all to take shelter under. Round it off with some operatic harmonies and you’ve got a glittering basement gem that half of post-Dilla Detroit would be fricking proud of…

And Onra is currently collecting together more of his esoteric beatrumental grinds, so watch out for projects to come later this year…picture by mr mass..RBMA

Onra & Pursuit – Are You Satisfied Feat. Fatima